My Story


After reading some Penthouse letters about guys watching their wives with other men, I started telling my wife about some of the fantasies I was having about her with other men and me watching. Libby is about five feet tall, with curly brown hair and dark brown eyes and a full firm *** and 36dd ****. Libby said many times she wasn’t interested in doing it for real, but she indulged my fantasies when were in bed, taking about men she’d like to make love to and affairs she might be tempted to have. This always got me hot and I pressed her to give a try for real, but she always said no.

One night, as I was heading out for a night with the guys, I asked Libby if there was anything I could bring home for her. She was propped up in bed reading and looked up from her book and said,” Bring me a man”. I just laughed at her joke, and asked, “which one?” She smiled and said, “Buff”. I was floored. Buff was a big guy. Well over six feet and overweight, not muscular. His real name was Mike, and “Buff” was short for buffalo. Much larger than me, and kind of a social misfit and I said, “why him”? She laughed and said, “ He has pretty blue eyes”. Still sure she was joking I laughed, and said ”OK, if he’s there, I’ll get him for you”.

Sure enough, Buff was at the bar with some friends when I got there. I didn’t think Libby would really go through with it, but I thought it might be fun to bring him home and shock her with the fact that I really brought someone. The guys were all talking about girls and at one point Buff said he needed to get laid. Later I took him aside and asked him if he was interested in meeting a girl I knew, he quickly said yes. And I told him to follow me home when I left.

Buff seemed a little confused when we got to my house, but he followed me in and waited in the living room while I went back to the bedroom. Libby was still in bed reading. She looked up from her book and I just smiled at her and said, “He’s here.” Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. She was wearing a lavender baby doll nightie and matching panties. She reached for the nightstand got the bottle I keep there took a stiff drink of scotch and said, ”Bring him in”.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I went back out to the living room and silently motioned Buff to follow. I stepped in to the bedroom and then stepped back to let Buff enter. Libby stood up on the bed when he walked in and walked over to the cedar chest that sat at the foot of the bed and stood on it. She was so short and he was so tall, she had to stand on it to be at eye level with him. Buff moved toward her and she threw her arms around his neck pull him to her and kissed him, hard wet and deep.

Buff’s big hands immediately went to Libby’s 36dd breasts and he mauled her **** as she kissed him. I was shocked at how rough he was with her but she moaned against his mouth and never broke the kiss. I came in my pants as I watched Buff kiss and feel up my pretty wife. And she let him do it. Buff’s hands moved from Libby’s breasts to her plump ***. He moans against his mouth deepened, but she made no move to stop. His hands were all over her plump little fanny and I could see the crotch of Libby’s panties darken as she got wet while as he felt up her *** through her sheer undies.

Still kissing her, his hands finally worked around to the front of her panties Libby’s moans turned to whimpers as Buff played with her through her panties. Little by little she moved her legs apart to give him better access. He pulled her panties to the side and slid a fat finger into her. Libby finally broke the kiss and panted,” oh, baby……oh, baby” and kissed him again. I was hard again and throbbing as I watched Buff ********** my wife. He slid another fat finger into her wet **** and Libby started quivering whimpering, still kissing him. Her panties were soaked with her juices as Buff filled her with his fingers. He was making her ***! I moaned softly as well when Buff managed to worm a third finger into Libby’s tight little hole. Libby lost it completely then, and began grinding her ***** against his hand. More moans of “oh, baby…oh, baby” came from her lips as he brought her to ******. She collapsed into his arms and he laid her gently back onto the bed. She reached up and pulled him down on the bed with her.

They were both completely oblivious to the face I was there watching by this point. Libby undressed him quickly, throwing his clothes on the floor. His **** was just as thick as his fingers, but longer than mine as well, and Libby took it in her hand and looked into his eyes. Buff smiled at her, and with a sob, she took his fat **** in her mouth. Buff groaned loudly and put his hands in her curly hair. She stroked his **** into her mouth and licked and kissed and sucked on it. He pushed her head onto his ****, saying, “suck it, Libby, SUCK IT” over and over. He was SO rough with her; I couldn’t believe it. She finally stopped stroking him and just let him moved her head up and down on his **** with his hands. She reached back between her legs and fingered her **** while she pumped her mouth with his meat. He held his hand in her hair and began to pump his **** into her mouth. Her ***** made wet noises on her fingers while Buff ****** her face like it was her *****. Libby whimpered and cooed on his **** but took every inch. “Suck it….suck it” he gasped, and then groaned “AWWWWWWWWWW” as he emptied his nuts in her mouth.

Some of it spilled from her lips and he rubbed his **** all over her face as he smiled at her. She got up from the bed and headed for the door. I thought she would go to the bathroom and spit out his load, but she grabbed me by the hair, just like Buff had with her and kissed me with her mouth still full of Buff’s ***. I whimpered like a little girl as she made me taste it and she kept kissing me till I had no choice but to swallow.
She broke the kiss, looked into my eyes and said, “Guess you got what you wanted. So did I.”I moaned softly, and Buff kind of snickered. Libby asked,” did you like the taste of my boyfriend’s ***”? I could feel my face blush red, but I couldn’t’ speak. “ Better get used to it,” she continued.

She took off her panties and used them to wipe the rest of Buff’s *** from her mess face and threw them to me, “If you wanted to watch, you have to wear them. Otherwise you can wait in the living room till we’re done.” She told me sternly. Meekly, I ******** naked and pulled on her sopping panties. Libby kissed me on the cheek like I was her sister and said, “good girl”. I was totally humiliated.

Libby got back into the bed with Buff turned and looked at me and said” Hold my **** in tight around his ****, sissy.” I blushed even more, but did as I was told. I was the one who wanted this. Buff grinned as he put his big **** between Libby’s beautiful breasts
“Push them in tighter.” She commanded. And I obeyed. He started pumping her breasts and Libby moaned, and called him “baby” and kept telling “tighter, sissy. I want you to see the bruises when he’s done with me” I actually sobbed once when she said that, but Buff just pumped her **** even harder. “**** my ****, Buff. Harder. Oh baby. Please. Harder. I came in her panties as I watched Buff ******* my wife. He shot his load all over her **** and she rubbed his *** all over those double d’s. Then she told me to lick his *** off her while he rested up.

While I was licking his *** off her nipples Buff told Libby he had to leave for work,
Libby pouted some until Buff promised he’d be back the next night to continue. This was how it began.


The next day, Libby had time to get things ready before I got home from work. She had me shave every thing below my eyebrows. I whimpered like a little girl, but I did as I was told. Libby reminded me over and over that this was all my idea to begin with. She was only giving me what I had begged for. She had bought some things for me to wear when Buff came back over.

Libby put my hair in two ponytails, made up my face and dressed me in a little girl dress with ruffled panties and made up my face. I could feel my face blush as she showed me what I looked like in the mirror. Then she had me shave her all smooth, and put her lingerie on, while she teased and taunted me about what her “boyfriend” would be doing to her while I could only watch. When I was done, Libby was in black bra and panties, and sheer black baby-doll top, garter-belts and stockings and heels. She looked like a **** star. I looked like a little girl in kindergarten.

I had to answer the door when Buff got there, His mouth dropped open when he saw me in the short little dress and panties with ruffles, but then he smiled and smirked, obviously warming to his role in humiliating me and being Libby’s lover. Libby welcomed him with another long, wet kiss with her arms thrown around his neck. Her eyes closed, she French kissed him deeply as he felt her up again. I was hard in my sissy panties and I watched helplessly.

When they broke the kiss, Libby had me kneel in front of Buff. Unzip his pants, and then take them off. She kissed him and told him how much she had enjoyed the night before. When she made me pull his briefs down, he was already hard. I moaned hopelessly as Libby told me to kiss it. My face blushed red, but I kissed the head of his fat, blunt **** as Buff snickered at me and Libby giggled. Libby took his **** in her hand and guided it into my mouth. She told me to suck him good and hard for her, and she kept stroking his meat as he swelled in my mouth. It was much bigger than mine, and I gagged on it, until Libby whispered in my ear to relax. I moaned on his meat as my wife gave me instructions on how to blow her “boyfriend”.

Buff finally grabbed my hair and began to **** my mouth just like he did to Libby the night before. Libby moaned and lay back and played with her ***** while she watched Buff **** my face. She just panted, “Oh, baby…oh, baby…” over and over. I gagged on his **** till I remembered what she said about relaxing. When I did, he pounded my mouth even harder and taunted me, “suck it….. Oh yeah, suck it… like that, don’t you little girl?”

Libby groaned and crawled over and took Buff’s **** from my mouth, and told me Buff’s *** was hers and said, “Jack him off in my mouth, Sissy”. She took his fat **** deep and I took it in my hand and started pumping his **** into my pretty wife’s mouth. Buff kept commanding me, “faster….faster, *****” Libby frigged her **** with three fingers while I pumped his **** harder and faster into her wet mouth.

I could hear her ***** making wet noises on her fingers as she whimpered over his ****. Libby was ******* on her fingers when Buff groaned. I felt his **** spasm in my hand as he emptied his nuts in Libby’s mouth. I was so humiliated, but so horny at the same time…I came in my sissy ruffled panties.

Libby grabbed my hair and pulled me to her and kissed me deeply like she did with Buff. But her mouth was FULL of his ***. I moaned against her mouth as she kept tongue kissing me till I had no choice but to swallow Buff’s ***. Buff was laying back smiling, watching Libby snowball me.

After Libby finished kissing me, she noticed the wet spot on my girlie panties. “ Oh you BAD Girl! Look what she did, baby…….our little girl wet her panties!” I hung my head in shame while Buff just laughed at loud at me. Libby asked him, “what should we do with a bad little girl, baby?”

Buff grinned and said, “I’ll show you!” He got up and grabbed me, taking me by surprise and put me over his knee and spanked me like a little girl while Libby laid back, watched, and fingered her ****. Libby came as I finally broke down and sobbed. This only seemed to excite Libby more. “Oh, baby…..oh, baby” she panted at Buff. I could feel Buff’s **** getting hard against me as he wore my *** out. I guess he was getting into the power trip of using my wife and humiliating me. Buff pushed me off his lap onto the floor and Libby started plead for Buff’s **** “ I want you in me, baby….please…PLEASE, Darlin’ I want that big sweet **** in meeeeeeee….”

Buff stood over her and proclaimed, “ I want that fat *** of yours” Libby’s mouth dropped open and she stammered, “You want my cherry fanny?” Buff’s eyebrows rose as he said, “CHERRY?”. Libby just nodded yes. He looked over at me, and just laughed and said, “I should have known……you ARE a little girl, *****”.

Libby made me put a condom on Buff’s hard ****. My face was so hot while I put in on him and he taunted me about “taking what I never had.” Libby got on the edge of the bed with her plump *** facing me, and looked back over her shoulder at me and said,” come here, sissy-girl….I want you to pull down your wet little panties and jerk off on my fanny while my boyfriend watches.”

I was shocked, but I meekly did as she asked. When I was behind her, she told me,” you’re not allowed to touch me, just *** on my ***…and you have to suck you thumb while you do it.” I moaned and Buff laughed, and said I should have to suck my thumb the whole time I watched. When Libby agreed I whimpered, put my thumb in my mouth, started stroking my ****. Libby begged Buff to kiss her while I pumped my **** aiming at my wife’s pretty ***. They kissed long and hard and wet, just like always, and it didn’t take me long to get hard watching and listening to them. I finally shot my load all over Libby’s butt.

At this point, Libby broke the kiss with Buff and turned around facing me. While Buff got into position behind Libby, She told me, “That’s a good girl……how does that feel?….knowing that my boyfriend is gonna take what you’ve never had…..and knowing that he’s using YOUR *** to lube me up for him…….He’ll be tearing up my tight little hole, and since you’re already SPENT, all you can do is suck your thumb and watch….poor baby girl…….”

Libby had NEVER talked to me like that, and it WAS so humiliating to think about my *** lubing his **** in her tail…and me in wet baby-panties sucking my thumb…. I was so shocked, I almost started sobbing again, but Buff was worming his meat into her fanny and Libby was the one whimpering now.

“Oh, baby….oh, GOD…’s so…so….BIG….so big in me…please….please……..
baby,…BABYYYYYYY….OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH,,, BUFF……..” He started pumping his big **** into her tight little hole. Her eyes glistened with tears as she looked into my eyes. “I’m sorry sissy….oh god he’s so BIG…..Buff ***** me like I’ve always wanted to be ******……and he made you a little GIRL right in front of me!…….that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen……I’ve never been so horny…..kiss me, sissy…kiss me while…oh, god…..oh, god……oh,,, fuckkkkkkkk…” I quickly moved to her and kissed her while Buff pounded her poor ***.

Libby reached back and fingered her **** while Buff pounded her tail. I kept kissing her, thinking she’d make me stop at any second, but she didn’t. But Buff began spanking her while he pistoned in and out of her. Spanking her HARD. Libby squealed into my mouth every time he smacked her ***. He was really getting off on all of it, “BOTH of my ******* kissing….oh, yeah…..that’s some sweet *** you got, Libby….all mine now….”

Libby broke the kiss, tears spilling down her face, blubbering, “my fanny…oh god…my fanny…. you’re so big in me…..I’ve never felt so FULL….oh my god….oh god……………….oh, god……….I’m…………I’m………………..I’m……………… CCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She quivered and thrashed and just bawled like a baby, easily having the ****** of her life as she sobbed. Buff groaned slammed his **** as deep in her as he could and held her poor *** tight to him as he shouted,” OH **** YOU’RE ONE SWEET PIECE OF ***……Like watching her *** while I ******** her, *****?……TAKE ALL MY *** LIBBY!” I shot another load of *** in to my panties as Libby sobbed and moaned and Buff shot every drop of his seed into her. They both collapsed on the bed, and I watched them kiss and caress each other, till Libby fell asleep, and Buff got up and smirked at me while he dressed and left. I crawled into bed with Libby, still in my sopping wet little girl panties, and held Libby till I fell asleep too.


I got used to watching Libby let Buff use her like a sex doll. The more dominant he was with her, the more she loved it. She even bought me lingerie outfits to match the ones she wore for Buff. I was only allowed to watch if I was dressed (in nightie & panties if I was a “good girl” or little girl dresses and diapers if I was a “bad girl”.) If I came in my panties (or my diaper) I was spanked for being “wet” by Libby or even more humiliating, by Buff. Libby even found a pacifier in the shape of a ****, and made me suck on it while I watched whenever they diapered me.

One day, Buff came over when Libby was working late. I met him at the door and told him she wasn’t there. He said “okay” and turned to leave, but then turned back, smiled and said,” go get dressed. You can entertain me till she gets home.” When I hesitated, he told me to call Libby and ask her if I should do as I was told. Buff came in and sat down on the couch while I went to the other room and called her. Libby just giggled at me when I told her why I was calling. She told me, “OF COURSE you should entertain my boyfriend till I get home! I’ll spank you later for not obeying him right to start with. Be a good girl, now and make “Daddy” happy till “Mommy” gets home….” As I hung up the phone and I could feel my face blushing red, and turned to see Buff grinning at me.

“Put on the same outfit Libby wore for me the first time”, He said. I actually let out a soft little moan of humiliation as I hurried to the bedroom to find the lavender babydoll Libby had worn when I first brought him home for her. I found it and put it on, dabbed on some of Libby’s perfume and called to Buff to tell him I was ready for him.

He walked in, pushed me back on the bed and stood before me with his crotch at my eye level. He leered at me and said, “suck it, Libby”. I was completely shocked and humiliated as I realized he was going to make me relive Libby’s first ******* with him. I looked up into his eyes as I unzipped his jeans and pulled down his briefs.

He was already hard (for ME!) He grabbed my hair and pulled my face to his fat ****.
“suck it…..Suck it, LIBBY…just like the first time”. I kissed the head of it, and he shoved it in my mouth. I gagged on his **** immediately but he had his hands were behind my head in an instand, grabbing my hair and and he began pumping my mouth.
I relaxed as much as I could, and tried to take him all in like Libby, but I slobbered and gagged on his ****. He didn’t seem to notice, and I could feel him swell in my mouth as he ****** my face.

I could feel my face blushing even redder as he kept calling me by my wife’s name.
“oh, Libby……Libby…..suck it…..let your ***** husband see how much you love my ****….oh yeah…..” I whimpered on his **** just like Libby had. I began playing with his balls as he pumped his meat in and out of my mouth, hoping to make him shoot, so it would be over.

Then I heard her voice, “oh, baby… oh, BABY.” Libby had gotten home and was watching from the door, as her boyfriend used me as a stand in for her. She knelt behind me, reached around me and started stroking me through my lavender panties, all the while telling Buff, “**** my mouth, darlin’…..just like the first time…let sissy see you **** my mouth, just like you pound my *****….oh, BABY…”

I moaned on Buff’s fat **** and shot my load into my sissy panties. Libby kept stroking me and cooing to Buff till he stiffened and groaned. He forced his **** as deep into my mouth as he could, then emptied his nuts in my mouth as Libby moaned her approval. His *** spilled from my lips and he pulled out and rubbed his **** all over my face. Libby took it in her hand and stroked him, milking him dry , creaming me while she giggled and he panted.

Buff laid back on the bed, and Libby said, “thank you for getting him ready for me, sissy. Then she kissed me. Moaning against my mouth as she tasted her lover’s *** in my mouth, Buff laughed as she licked his *** off my face. He laughed some more when she spanked me for having “wet” panties, then made me suck him hard again so she could have her turn with him.


Libby let me know that she and Buff both wanted “something special” for their next meeting. I was afraid to ask her what that meant. She just giggled at me, reading my thoughts, just by looking at me. Then she informed me that I needed a girl name and that she had told her boyfriend that HE could name me. Buff had decided I was “Tabitha” from now on. I could feel my face blushing as Libby told me that this was how both of them would address me from now on.

On the day of their next meeting Libby, brought me a yellow little girl dress and matching ruffled panties. “I’ve been a bad girl?” I asked. She laughed and said, “No, little Tabby, I just want you dressed this way for tonight”. I could only moan in humiliation.

I let Buff in and met him at the door in my baby dress and the ****-pacifier in my mouth. He looked me up and down and told Libby,” I expected garters and stockings”. Libby just giggled, “this is better, darlin’”.

They led me to the bedroom and Buff took all his clothes off. Libby was wearing a red babydoll nightie and panties. I was made to kneel and lick Libby through her pretty panties to get her nice and wet for Buff while she chatted with him the whole time, telling him how excited she was and how she couldn’t wait for what was coming. She got so wet, so fast it was hard not to believe her. With her panties thoroughly soaked, she had me turn to Buff. He was already getting hard from watching me lick Libby for him.

“Suck me, Tabitha….suck me like MOMMY does…..” I moaned and Libby giggled. Buff groaned as I took his meat in my mouth. Libby took up the conversation as he began to pump my mouth. “That’s right, Tabby…..suck him good and hard for MOMMY…..suck him good, BABYGIRL….feel him swelling in your mouth?....that’s a good girl….”. I whimpered over Buff’s fat **** as Libby continued to taunt and tease me. He put his hands in my hair and began to pump my mouth harder. He moaned, “Suck it, *****….take my big ****, TABITHA, just like Libby does for me….” I could feel my face redden as I got hard in my panties. I moaned on his ****, and then Buff pulled out of my mouth, panting, and nodded at Libby.

“Get on all fours, Tabby” she ordered. I just stared at her. She smacked my *** HARD through my ruffled panties and yelled at me, “NOW, TABITHA!” Ashamed and humiliated, I crawled into position for her. She yanked my sissy panties down on my thighs, grabbed a bottle of lube and quickly got me ready for what was coming.
I gasped,” Oh my god” as Libby took Buff’s hard **** and guided the head into my ***. Libby got in front of me, looking into my eyes and whispered, “This isn’t what Buff wanted special…it’s what I wanted, Tabitha…” Then she kissed me, hard and wet. I shot a load of *** into my sissygirl panties while Libby was ******* my mouth with her tongue.

I whimpered into her mouth as Buff wormed his fat **** into my poor tight ***. Buff moaned, “Oh, Libby….she’s so tight….just like you were…” He hands were on my hips, holding me as he forced himself into me harder and deeper. Libby lay back, still looking into my eyes and started rubbing her **** through her sopping panties as she watched Buff use me.

Libby panted, “oh buff…..oh my darlin’…..**** her good……I’m…..I’m…..OH GOD………I want tabby to know what I feel like when you fill me up…….” Buff obliged her shoved his fat **** all the way into me as I squealed like a little girl. He began pistoning in and out of me, harder and faster.
Libby quivered and thrashed, but kept fingering her **** as she began to *** while watching Buff make me his *****. Tears of shame welled in my eyes as buff began to taunt me as he ****** me, “oh, yeah…. Tabitha’s SO tight for me…..good girl……just like mommy-Libby……Take my ****, Tabby”

Libby, pulled her panties to the side and fingered her **** furiously, “she’s a bad girl…..bad girl…spank her, baby…..spank our bad girl, Buff” Libby groaned out loud as Buff began to spank my *** with every stroke. I was getting hard again, but I was SO humiliated. I whimpered and sobbed as Buff screwed me and spanked me while my horny wife creamed her panties watching.

Buff began spanking me harder and faster, pumping me just like he did Libby. Libby cried out just as Buff shoved his meat all the way into me and held me tight to his hips. I began to bawl like the babygirl they were making me, as he dumped his load of *** into my ***.

Libby crawled to me and kissed me sloppy and wet and panting as Buff held me tight and milked his **** into me. Libby kept kissing me and stroking my hair and cooing softly as Buff finally pulled out of me. “You’re my ***** now, Tabitha…..just like Libby…”

Buff went out of the bedroom to clean up and Libby pulled my soaked panties back up, even though I could feel Buff’s *** dripping from my poor ruined ***. She put me in a chair in the corner and told me to get comfortable so I could watch the “special” thing that Buff wanted. Then she left the room too. I whimpered as I waited, soaked with my *** and Buff’s.

Buff came back first, stood in front of me, smiling down and me and said, “Suck me, Tabitha. Get me hard for Libby”. I almost began bawling again, but I did as I was told, and took him in my mouth. It took a while before he began to swell in my mouth, but he eventually did. As he began to fill my mouth, Libby came back in. she was wearing her wedding dress.

“This is what Buff wanted, Tabitha” Libby said, a slight blush on her face. “Lie down on the bed, little girl.” I whimpered as I moved to the bed, totally humiliated now. Libby crawled on top of me in a 69 position and had me hike up the skirt of her wedding dress over her hips. I could see her panties were already wet for buff.
Buff crawled on the bed behind her. I was looking straight up at his hard ****. “Oh yeah,” he moaned, “This is what I wanted”. Libby said; pull down my panties, Tabby. Just like I did yours.” I whimpered as I complied, and pulled her lacy white panties down on her pretty thighs. “Now put him in me, baby girl… him into me, Tabitha….put my HUSBAND’S fat **** into my sopping wet ***** so we can have our HONEYMOON…” He just laughed as I sobbed and took his fat throbbing **** and guided it into her wet, waiting ****.

Buff began pumping her, slowly at first. Then, he started spanking her *** once in a while, making her squeal and beg. “**** me, buff…..**** me, my darlin’……make me your wife….” she pleaded. He began pounding her ***** something AWFUL, and she thrashed and quivered and begged for more. Buff said, “Lick her ****, Tabitha…..lick my balls, too… while I **** my WIFE…….” Libby began to sob as he pounded her sopping ****. So did I as I licked her **** and tongued Buff’s nuts. I’m ashamed to say I began to get hard AGAIN in my ***-filled sissy panties. –

I lapped at her sopping **** and lick his shaft as he pumped in and out of her, thinking of how my own poor *** was still stretched from what he did to me. Libby actually kissed my hard **** through my sissy panties and said, “Good girl, Tabby”. I moaned into her ****. Then Libby began to beg., “please…..please, Buff…..ohhhhhhhhhhhh……PLEASE, baby……..Oh, Buffy…..Oh, BUFF…..make me pregnant…….please…..*** in me and knock me up…….”I sobbed into Libby sloppy ***** and all over Buff’s swollen **** as I shot ANOTHER load of *** in my girly drawers. Libby began to sob as she continued begging, “PLEASE darlin’……PLEASE….aaaaaawwwwwwwwww………give me your baby……..make me pregnant………..I want your baby in my bellbelly…….wwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhh!!”

Buff grabbed her hips and shoved deep into Libby and held her tight, just as he did me. Libby whimpered and sobbed as he held her tight to him till every drop was shot deep into her. I could only lay there, spent and humiliated beyond belief. Buff pulled out and let his **** hang in my face dripping with his ***. And her. Buff’s *** began seeping from Libby’s poor *****, all over my face as well. They stayed that way for a while to make sure I was totally covered with their ***. Then Buff told me, “”lick my wife’s *** off my ****, *****”. I meekly did so. Then, Libby took her turn, “lick my darlin’ husband’s *** out of my pregnant *****, babygirl” And totally broken, that’s what I did.

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that made my **** sooooooooooo hard

Wow! What an amazingly hot story!

Fabulous sweetie

this is an amazing story,wish something like thta would happen to me,me being the sissy husband,got me so hard,i jacked off 3 times

believe me i wish you were too

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