Yes, She Does!

My wife and I have been very open sexually since getting together in the early 90s. I have written many stories on EP about our lives together and one recurring theme is her enjoyment of having sex with more than one man at a time.  In most cases, it involves only one other man and me giving her pleasure.  But, there have been several times at parties where she got involved with more than two at a time.  If I'm one of the men involved, it's great, but there are times it's nice to sit back and watch her have fun - or be ******* another woman while watching my wife have a good time!

One thing I learned along the way is the capacity for women to handle more than one man at a time versus a man's ability to please two women.  We guys like to think we're studs and can actually do that which we like to brag about doing.  In reality, women have the edge!  And I love watching my wife taking care of as many as she wants at one time!!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Dec 11, 2012