At Long Last I`ve Had Nylon Tights/pantyhose Fun ...with A Lady!


well at long last I’ve had a nylon rub up with a lady, i don’t really think ladies understand that men enjoy the feel and thrill of wearing of tights/stockings as much as women, it`s a bit of a taboo non- manly subject that borders on you`ve got to be gay if you like ladies clothing (o.k im bi) even though men first wore them as items of clothing (i.e) medieval times, super heroes etc.

This is totally true actually happened this morning and had to share it with you, after many years of trying to get the courage to do it and id like to thank my ladyfriend J.... for indulging me.

Well as we all know it`s freezing outside and as we work at night the temperature drops very suddenly and can be very unforgiving, i usually put on trackies under my work trousers but this day i had none clean to wear and thought id use the opportunity to try my luck, my ladyfriend has been wearing very thick 300 denier tights under her work trousers and had just bought some new pairs so i thought id make it casual and joke about it and said “hey im gonna wear a pair of your thick tights, they look like leggings anyway only a bit thinner, just hope i don’t have an accident”LOL!

She didn`t really bat an eyelid and said “o.k”! even though i am always encouraging her to wear tights and make many comments about ladies legs in nylon, i bluffed my way by asking whats the best way to wear them and she showed me by putting hers on, she said “ try get the waistband high under your trousers and tuck them over otherwise they`ll annoy you when you bend over also same thing if your toe and bottom seams are not straight” so i put them on trying not to look like id done it a thousand times before and presented myself to her with a minceing twirl “tah, dah” she even commented on what good legs i had when i had them on, i went through the i feel silly but warm bit as not to bring too much attention to how horny i felt.

Anyway we got through the shift, i wore socks as well not to bring attention to myself in case my trousers rucked up although some socks id worn before have been much sheerer, when we got back home to my flat, after sporting a ***** most of the night as the nylon rubbed against my **** i knew i had to find a way of keeping them on, luckily my flat was freezing so said i “bloody hell its freezing im gonna keep these on, i was hoping she`d keep hers on and she did, we both had our robes and tights on and sat watching the t.v having a brew.

I was careful not to bring to much attention to me wearing the the tights so just sat back watched t.v and relaxed, while watching telly she started rubbing up my legs until she got to my thighs,as she rubbed the nylon material she noticed my **** started getting hard, she joked “ooh! You like that don’t you”! giving me a playful rub in the crotch area and we both laughed.

I don’t know why but i just plucked the courage up and said “come on lets go to bed its cold maybe we can warm each other up rubbing tights”, she smiled and said “yeah why not”! so we got into bed under the covers as it was still cold even after turning the heating up, we had a bit of a kiss and cuddle and this made my **** strain hard against the nylon material, j.... always loved to be rubbed and licked through her tights after we`d had a night out so i knew she was being turned on as she pulled them up tight into her *****, and had a little squirt through them making them nice and wet, she was even wrapping her legs round me and rubbing her nylon legs and feet against mine.

So i thought of a way to get maximum nylon fun as i ******* her i refrained from doin it on all fours doggy style so i moved her on her side with her back to me pulled her tights down and just pulled my **** out of my tights (not my balls as sometimes when she wears tights i pull them down so that the waistband runs along the underneath of my **** and my **** stays inside her tights and i wanted to see how it felt doing it with the waistband directly rubbing the underside of my ****) i then parted her cheeks and pushed my **** into her *****, she immediately started rubbing her legs on mine as she pushed back hard against my **** so i knew that she was enjoying our nylon fun.

I was so excited by finally having sex in tights that i didn`t last long only a couple of minutes, but the *** was hard and one of those that feels like it shoots out like a bullet, the build up was fantastic with the hem of the my tights waistband rubbing furiously against the underside of my **** which in turn was caressing my nylon encased balls, i held back as long as i could but it was no good and i shot my load deep inside her, this brought on a great climax from her as she told me quite sternly to stay deep inside her and still and she slowly wiggled and rubbed against my nylon clad legs, SO SEXY! Then she let out a deep moan and flooded my **** with a massive squirt of ladycum. WHAT A WOMAN.

Afterwards we fell asleep with our tights on, but i was soaking from her **** which woke me up so sadly couldn`t have slept in them, they were a bit thick for sleeping in anyway which i have done many times with lighter deniers when i`ve had time to myself, but then she surprised me as i took my tights off she took off her tights and threw them at me and said to me i could wear hers in bed if i liked, bloody hell ***** smelling tights nothing better, i thought about it but i didn`t want to push it so declined saying it was too hot after all...................


This is a pic of me in the tights opaque 300 denier.

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Great story - mainly because I can imagine it really happening. I am always trying to think of ways to slowly introduce my wife to this secret fetish of mine, but I have to go VERY slowly. I know that basically she is not into a feminine seeming husband (which is why she liked me in the first place!). the two times she put panties on me during sex were so hog and memorable, but I don't want to push it. I may have to try this trick of yours on a cold day!
By the way, how do you deal with leg hair?
Happy if you'd friend me - thanks

You lucky lucky sod

Yes I know got them on tonight but she's on her peroid I wonder if I can tallk her into wanking me through them or rubbing my legs while i **** ....ill get back to ya tell ya