I'm very interested in how many times a day you go pee , how bad you usually have to go when you go and for how long you usually hold it before you go.

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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I don't go unless I really have to. I have a large bladder so it's usually fine but if I find there's a queue or the toilet I planned to use isn't working it can be a very close call. I kept track yesterday which was fairly typical. Big morning **** at 8am, public toilet at 3.30pm, held till I got home at 9.15, fell asleep in bed after drinking tea and woke up bursting at 4am.Waited longer than usual yesterday because I was outside a lot. Four times a day is average.

Most days I pee about four times a day with moderate fluid intake. I generally hold it until I REALLY need to go. On some evenings when I have a few beers, I hold it until I start to squirt into my briefs and then I run for the toilet.

I pee alot during the day because my bladder is so small, normaly one or two glasses of water will make me need to pee, now when I'm holding this is an advantage because I don't need alot to make myself desperate :), normally I bring 3 or 4 glasses and like to make myself desperate over a few hours by running water/taking a shower,watching ****, exercises, tight clothes the whole works :)