I Love It When My Wife Calls Me By A Past Lovers Name

My wife was having an affair with a guy she used to work with. This went on for a year or so before she confessed to me. I love it when she tells me about the things they did together. Nothing gets me hotter then her telling me about the affair when we are having sex. I think it gets her off too reliving the affair while we have sex. When she is ready for me to *** she starts calling me Floyd (her old lover's name) when she does that I can't hold out much longer.
cny4you cny4you
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Both my wives started affairs without me knowing, but they each told me as the affairs continued. I became so excited as they told me that I got a visible bulge in my pants, which was to their surprise. I knew both men. My first wife told me who it was, and my second wife told me enough about him that, with the help of her best friend, I was able to figure out who he was.