Me And My Brother Got Bare Bottom Spankings From Mother Growing Up.

Lots of times me and my brother was spanked at the same time by mother.If he was spanked first then i was told to stand there and watch and wait my brother would be told to drop his pants and underwear and bend over mothers lap the spanking was always with a paddle or wooden spoon and i would stand there and listen to the loud sound spanking and would watch my brothers butt go from red to dark cherry red and the sound of that paddle coming across my brothers bare bottom was shocking and the sound of him crying and there was times we would have to count our smacks out loud so mother could here us count and his legs would be kicking and trying to cover his bare bottom and when the spanking stoped she would say to him stand in that corner and keep your pants down to your ankles,then she would say your next drop your pant and underwear and bend over and start your counting your getting a spanking just like you watched your brother get and it was always a hard spanking and you could here it through out the whole house.
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How old is your brother compared to you?

Until what age did mom spank you and your both bare bottom and what was the worst spanking you got from her and for what?