My Past...

So i grew up in Massachusettes.... small town. met my husband on the internet dated him from my sophomore year of high school, he came to see me for a week i went and saw him for the summer and christmas and he would come see me in between. he is from Alabama...has always been sweet to me gave me everything i wanted... the last summer i had come down it was the longgest summer my mom would let me spend first summer she gave me a month well that last summer she let me spend all of my summer vacation with my boyfriend(now husband) we went out hung out with friends what normal teens did. one night while waiting for him to get of work my husbands friend's girlfriend picked me up and we went to his work to wait for him to close the store. while waiting we where talking she asked if i had had my period yet.... i had come down at the end of june had my period when i arrived well it was just the begining of august.... i said no and mentally freaked out but acted like it was no big deal she could tell i was freaking out so she suggested we go to walmart to get some stuff she had already told my husband and her then boyfriend about her suspition so to ease my mind she said she thought she might be pregnant and that sense i missed my period it was best for us to take a test together. she took the directions i peed on the stick and ... it was two lines she said she olny had one we both came out of the stall she looked at me looked around the bathroom there was a few other women in there so in my ear she said hers was negitive which ment mine was a positive i started to cry walked out and walked right by my husband and her boyfriend .... the shock wore off and i know i was going to keep my baby... i left a few weeks later went about my normal senior year just pregnant had my baby.... finished school(graduated).. and moved to Alabama a week after graduation. and a few months after moviing i got married....that was 8 years ago that my life had changed so drasticly.
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Jan 20, 2013