It Is My Pleasure.

It may only take a moment,a smile,a cheery wave,a quick hello,"how are you today",to bring a little joy into peoples lives and best of all it costs you nothing!

To call in on an elderly resident,offer if there is anything that they need.Perhaps stay for a chat and offer to do a little tidy up in the garden,what better way to show your respect to somebody who may be alone and needy.It is alien to me not to do such an act,it is simply only natural to care.The needy in our society do need someone to keep a friendly watch out for them.The man or woman sitting in the cold with their cap on the floor,so  many of us have passed them by without ever giving a thought for them,I myself have been guilty of this,however now that I have matured I can see a person sitting there,most probably very tired and hungry and cold.I can no longer walk by and pretend not to have noticed them,the majority o us have change in our pockets or purses,I will put something in their cap,because I care and I enjoy to help others.

I am no pretentious saint,far from it,I am flawed in so many ways and damaged from childhood experiences however through my depression I always see light if I can assist someone,anyone.It always gives me a lift to help others in any way that I can.Take EP for example,when I see someone crying out for help,I have to send them a private message.I write this short entry late at night and I am lacking in sleep so please forgive if it is haphazard.I am trying to put across the point,please think if there is any small deed you could do to help lift someone when they may be in need.It does not have to cost you a penny,just some small deed.It may appear trivial to you however to the other person it may well mean a lot..

I need to think how I can contribute more,This is a goal of mine.It is crushing when I see on the news how some people have to live in the third world,how needy they are.Thanks to some marvelous organisations these people ,or at least a few of them,get aid.Before I hit 50 I have set myself a target to go out to one of these communities in conjunction with a genuine charity and give some of my time on a voluntary basis.The thought of it brings me back to reality and just how lucky I am,to be physically it,have decent nutrition etc etc....

If this entry touches a nerve with just one person,I would be so delighted tohave shared a few thoughts with you.Once again I am a flawed person and fortunate at the same time.You may well disagree with my comments,please do not take any offence as none was intended.Good luck and best wishes to all.
garvan garvan
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Thank you.

helping others is always a wonderfull rewarding thing to do and showing others how to help themselves is also wonderfull and sometimes more lasting


A great story, your willingness to help is so uncommon these days that I was happily surprised when I read it.

A great story, your willingness to help is so uncommon these days that I was happily surprised when I read it.

Good on you, Garvan. You have a very generous, giving spirit.<br />
I hope lots of goodness and happiness is heading your way. :)

Oh to have more caring people in this world, like you... you have touched me garvan and thank you.