My Second Project Helping Others

Last week I had a gal approach me that had been abused by her husband in the past.   She knew that I did a book drive for underprivelged children and thought I would be a good person to go to for help.  She ask if there is anything I could do to help the local Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program.  I said, "Is there anything I can do?"..."Hell yes there is!  Now lets get going!"  I made sure to keep her involved too so maybe one day she would get others involved.   Today I am making up fliers and putting them all over our two plants.  I am asking for all sorts of simple donations, toiletries, coffee, pillows, towels, and especially old cell phones.  These can be programmed to call 911 with one touch of a button.  Yesterday I went to our HR department and they are behind me 100%.   I am excited to help others again!
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2012

I know how much it will help. I spent 6 weeks in a women's shelter when I left my ex. I wouldn't have been able to leave if there was no place to help me start my new and wonderful life.

I love stories like this one ( I look for them here) because I know the value of helping others, and I often find myself inspired by the generosity of kind people like yourself. Great for you, for taking the lead and for understanding that putting yourself out there is an entirely win / win situation.

Good for you Rob... this is wonderful