And Want to Spend My Life Doing So.

Whenever any of my friends have an issue, I'm by their side unconditionally. I support them through txt, msn, and of course, in person. I'm trying to develop counselling skills this way so that I can become a clinical psychologist. Because I really do have a passion for helping people get past their tough times because I know that noone deserves to suffer alone. Ever.

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2 Responses Jul 27, 2008

OMG you're AMAZING. That's exactly what I used to others, but not myself. But I definitely try to face my problems these days. Thanks for your advice.

I commend your sensitivity to your friends. I enjoy helping others as well, but one thing you always need to be careful about is if you are helping others in an attempt to avoid your own problems. This can cause inner trauma and will actually in the long run hurt your desire to be a psychologist. At least, in my opinion. I've known several psychologists who have seemed to be emotionally bankrupt. Anyway, keep at your goal and don't give up! It's a good one to have and helping people is the best thing anyone could want to do right now, considering the world we live in. :)