I Live to Support Others

I went to You Tube to watch movie trailers and stuff. I poked around a bit and found some people who seemed to need a friend. They were kinda depressed about this or that so I emailed them. A few replied and now I have some awesome friends who help me as much as I help them. It's amazing what great friendships can be found online. It's hard to keep offline friendships because they can sometimes be so suferficial compared to online friendships. I don't know... If I draw away from some offline friends in order to draw closer to some online friends... am I withdrawing from reality? Anyone else have this issue? (Here's your chance to help - I know you can't resist :P)

SRayne SRayne
51-55, M
4 Responses Aug 17, 2008

online or offline, friends are friends. They help each other, and isn't that what you want at the end of the day? I mean, let's face it, look at you now, you joined a group called 'I like to help people' and trust me when I say that you are doing the right thing by helping them. Friends are still friends, even if you haven't seen their faces or heard their voices. After all, what am I now, if not a friend?

its cool to meet new friends online,i am and believe me its VERY theraputic.Why dont you and some of your new friends try to make plans to meet,hang out,have a BBQ.Lets not forget their are alot of real life expiriences out there for all of us to share.

Heartfelt friendship can be quite real whether online or off. I think critics of online friendships tend to be those who have never developed closeness with anyone online. It's real.

i feel the same way, i have a very hard time with off line relationships, they feel so one sided, maby it it is escaping reality to a certain extent, but making true friendships weather on line or off can be awesome epcically since good friends are hard to find, good luck