My story begins on New Years day, when I was in a cottage with couple of my ftriends. We decided to go to town to have some good times. Along the street i noticed some cute shops, as we entered one, there was an elderly woman sitting outside in the cold.
Our eyes met, I saw sadness and pain on her face. Time passed by, but I couldn't forget her.
I told my friend, we have to take her home with us. After a few minutes she was with us in the car. We learned from her that she has a daughter and grandkids, but she couldn't tell more because of all the sadness in her heart.
Hannah stayed with us the whole day and we invited her to stay for the night. Early morning I went down to have some coffee and I noticed that our Hannah wasn't in her bed. She left.
On her bed there was a note "Thank You, you are an Angel"
This is how I began my New Year, to help someone, even if it was for one day only.
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Yes we should, it felt good!

Good story, that's what we all should do sometime