Hitting The Gym

Hi all. I have always been great at getting memberships at a gym. but then not bothering to keep up going. I have done this 4 times in about 10 years. That is, joined a gym with great intentions but then falling by the wayside. Since January 9th 2010  I have been going to our local gym again, (not very regularly I might add), new years commitment and all that. Anyway I got talking to a woman there who has had similar experiences as me, but she now returns very regularly due to a new gismo thing she got called a TickTockTimer. It keeps her honest she says. It is a kind of timer that counts up in days and hours she says and lets her know how long its been since she last went to the gym. I looked it up online and they have a webpage they even have them for dog walking. I am going to order a gym one anyway and write here how affective it is. A kind of a blog I guess. She swears by it. Anyway keep an eye on this and I will report my findings.

Bye for now, RampageGuy

RampageGuy RampageGuy
46-50, M
Feb 11, 2010