I like making people hold their pee I get off on there suffering
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Do message me then ;)

Do you also give strict instructions as to where and how they are allowed to pee?

Message me ;)

Then you should message me

Sounds fun to me ;)

i like this one ;)

I am in the queue too !

Make me hold my pee for you.

Just send me a message some time you want to see some struggling for me to hold my pee :)

I don't get to do a lot involving pee cuz my husband isn't in to it

That sucks that he won't hold for you.

Do you like to see desperation?

Only when having sex

Full bladder sex is pretty amazing.

I have to agree wither that. The ******* are so much more intense! Even ************ with a full bladder, though that calms my bladder down so I can hold it in longer.

Do you like to hold too?