I Didn't Want To!!

When i was in shcool the other day we wacthed a movie for the last couple minutes. I had finished my first bottle of water and was half way through the second one. When we had to leave I was desperate to pee, but  sadly I got on the bus that would bring me home. On the way, my friends made me laugh. I almost lost some there but i regained control.(that means i never wet at all) When i ran to catch the home bus(the one before was the shuttle) I lost just a drop but it felt like a humongus-never ending - final release pee. When i finally sat down on the home bus, I let just a little bit out to relieve the pressure(there sure was a lot) When i was in the driveway walking down it to get into the house(it id reallllllllly long) Iswear i lost a little and everyone watching me get off the bus saw(altough i dont think anyone did) Then i had to go and feed the dog(which is also a long wayaway from the house; curse my parents for making everything so spaced out) When i was filling up the water bucket the noise was torture! I had to go so bad! Once i gave him his water i lost a little bit more. Then i gave him his food and turned to got back to the house, when i realized I would never make it. I didn't want my mom to think that i had an accident so i ent into one of our empty dog staals, pulled down my pants and squatted in a corner. My dog probably thought i wa crazy to squat, but then again i am a girl and he is a boy:) It felt so good to finally release after ssoooooooooo long. I peed for like 2 whole minutes.


Irecommened peeing where you norally wouldn't sometimes it is really fun, just be careful that you dont get caught :) <:o)

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I love to find places to pee, the excitement of not getting caught !!! I love to go<br />
to the beach and pee when people are around.

Sometimes it is good to get caught, just make sure you choose a naughty partner ;-P