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Weddings especially when the bridal party makes it march down. I like to hum the Death Star music - the intense doo doo doo.. do doot doo. do do doo..
Also fun when you are at the DMV waiting. Also when you are going in for surgery (before you're knocked out) or having an annual physical. Good for anyone like me with a twisted sense of humor.

I think it would be fun to do it at the election polls. I would like to hum some Death Star tunes while I am punching little chads or whatever the hell this crazy thing is. Oh, do we have the computers next time? I don't know, Oh, wait. I am an absentee voter. I will still hum it, I've decided. Still, I encourage all of you to vote and to hum while voting.
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Oh how funny em... I like doctors with a sense of humor. He's a twisted mf like me. Hee hee. <br />
Aside from the weddings that I mentioned two years ago, I'd also like to hear this music played at these business meetings where someone is getting promoted especially while they break out the cake. <br />
Also, it's great for baptisms, birthday parties, Confirmations etc... hee hee. I love it.

My boss taught himself to play Taps on the harmonica. (the only song he learned). Nothing like a Doctor playing a "death song", as he enters an exam room to see the next patient! YOu should see the wide-eyed fear in some of the patients! lol

hahahahahahahahaha :D