Mistress's Fun

I have been in several D/S relationships. One of the Mistress' I served on a 24/7 basis had a chore that she liked me to perform. She loved recieving oral...I Love..adore...love licking *****. She would have me ***** naked, lock my collar around my neck, then she would buckle cuffs around her upper thighs, she then attached my collar to her thigh cuffs and cuffed my hands behind my back. I stayed in this position, literally with my faced buried in her wonderful wet ***** while she relaxed at night while watching tv or talking on the phone. She would direct me how she wanted it...harder, softer, slower, faster, etc. in case I stopped or she felt I may have lost interest she would tie a rope around my balls and would give it a very firm, if not hard tug to get my attention back where it was supposed to be.
Need2bcontrolled Need2bcontrolled
31-35, M
Jan 19, 2013