He Had It Coming

I was baby sitting this kid at my house who is a freshman and I was senior at the time.

He was getting something out of the fridge when I saw the waist band of his tws out of his pants, and I walked over to the fridge and bent over and I was wearing a skirt and pulled it a bit so Kevin could see my panties and he can up behind me and gave my panties a hard pull. We were watching tv and I dropped the remote and he went to pick it up when I saw his underwear and grabbed them right away he was small for his age and I was able to lift him in the air and I brought him upstairs to my room and put him on a coat hook. I called my friend Leah who had Riley and Sidney to come over. I got some rope and tied it to his underwear, through it over the metal beam in my room and pulled him up and tied the rope off. When the girls got here we pulled on his legs and slapped his and was saying "Ah you've been a bad boy". We took a bunch off pictures of him. Adventully his underwear ripped and we put a pair of my granny panties on him and pulled him backup but we took off our shirts and he got a ***** right away. Then we took off our bras and he started *******. Leah got up onto a chair and started to slap Kevin in the face with her boobs. We heard a door slam we quickly put on our bras and shirts grabbed Kevins legs and the panties broke we cleaned him up fast and we told him if he told his parents what we did we'd post the pictures on facebook.
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6 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I wish I was him!

i wish that were me

that is an awesome story!

Post the pictures on here !

i wish i was that kid and you where there all day

wow thats sounds amazing lol but thats kind of mean black mailing someone for something so horrible why did u do it ???????