I Love Hunting

The crisp november air, the soft crackle of fallen leaves beneath my feet, the smell of snow on the air. White tail season is iconic in my house. Work stops, the phone becomes obsolete, and all talk turns toward the experience of the hunt. The different methods , weapons used, what kind of ammunition. There's nothing quite like planning your hunt, donning the cammo, checking your firearm and walking out into the wilderness to pitch yourself against nature and hope for the prize. Last year the prize was mine for the first time, a twelve point buck in the sights ! The adrenaline rushes. Heartbeat speeds. Breath becomes short and shallow. Ahhhh yesss the thrill is unmistakable as you try to control your reactions, still your shaking hands, hold the rapid breathing in check. The stories of each minute lasting for months afterward.
ahhh I love hunting.
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1 Response Sep 8, 2011

I like bow hunting too, I save it for after the gun season. If I don't snag one during then I take out the bow for winter hunting