So Many Worlds.

I absolutely love to imagine, to dream, and even daydream. There are so many worlds and possibilities that happen in my head. And it sucks that I'm mediocre at painting. The image I make is not even 10% as great as what's in my head.

Right now, my world is of nothing but clouds full of sparkling stars. The bottom of the image is nothing but blue clouds that fade to a lighter blue and a very sensual woman with her long hair floating about. The bottom then fades to an orange and the orange to a hot pink as it all rises. The woman is always wondering who she is and why she's arrived. And just when she thinks she found another it all goes down hill. But she remains strong and decides to simply go on and dance in this lovely world of hers.

Before this, my world was of how Twilight came to be. The backdrop seems to be only silver. In the center is a woman ( The figure of a woman is merely fun to manipulate in images. ) with long black hair. She's wearing what at first appears to be an orange sleeveless dress. But it soon fades to be the deep hues of blue and violet that make up the night sky-stars and all. The dress flows out and on and on. It has waves like the ocean. The woman looks up and it's like there's a ceiling of water with slow ripples. It's like a mirror because there is a woman who looks almost exactly the same as her.  Only with brown hair and a dark blue dress that fades to the oranges and reds of the sunset.

Then slowly they reach up and find their hands connected and they're pulled into this new dimension as the ceiling starts warping. A white light shines and their she is. Twilight. A blond haired woman with the same type of dress only now it's white and purple and blue and red and orange. It's such a mirage of colors it's ridiculous. And this also seems to symbolize rebirth because her hands rake across our apocalyptic earth and everything is going into a crude process of revival.

For the last world I will mention, will be something of a "primitive" alien walking into our medieval times. ( Yes it's a man this time, lol. )
It's on the outskirts of a town where it almost seems to be like a desert. The sand is a golden yellow and swirls about, the sun shines heavily and the people are also heavily clothed it seems. They're very dressy in hues of beige, red, gold, green, and white. Royals are dressed in hues of purple, blue, silver, and orange. And then there are the poor who dress in whatever they can. This man is strange to them. For he wears a thick brown cloak that's tattered at the bottom. He towers over them all and has the strangest color of hair that seems to be magenta. His eyes have not one but two irises. A vivid purple and bottle green. Dark green tribal marks adorn his whole face and body. Gold torques swirl  around his arms and legs. The picture all together is rather grand. That is, if you've taken everything literally. The sun is huge, the sand literally swirls, the people are bright yet short, and Gothic architecture is everywhere in sandstone. And the alien? Deemed a Sorcerer as he shows the curious kids how to make a pear tree grow with the magic lights.

Some worlds are not as great, some don't seem as great, and some are just too wild. I love letting my mind wonder into these new dimensions. It helps that I'm easily inspired by everything around me as well. Right now though, I'm just wondering.... What is YOUR world like? :)
lawlomuffins lawlomuffins
Jul 13, 2010