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I have this terrible habit of being over-wise and thinking that I know better. Not only is this horribly arrogant and pretentious, but it's obnoxious, and not very helpful for my own development. It's mostly repressed in the real world, but places like the Experience Project really bring out that preachy side in me.

There might be a possible career in this though, if I can gain some sort of consultancy position. :P
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Personally, Dodo, I think you are good at offering advices, viewpoints and wisdoms. :D<br />
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But I know following one`s own, can be a bit harder to do...


Thanks! Alas, the job is completely hypothetical at the moment! hahahaha :P

Don't worry, most people have the same problem. Good luck with the job!!

Y'all intelligent, even Dodo

Y'all intelligent, even Dodo

Y'all intelligent, the commenters, as well as Dodo

There's a balance to be struck here, I think. (I struggle with preachiness too - it can happen when you know a lot - but, hell, I'm a preacher's kid.)<br />
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For me, when I'm in balance, I have the gift of my knowledge and insights to offer where needed. When I'm out of balance, it's like I'm throwing books on marine rescue to people in a sinking rowboat when they'd rather I threw them a bucket, helped haul them on to my boat, or even just let them know I was concerned they were in such a fix.<br />
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I still can't hardly believe it, but a lot of people just don't appreciate my advice! And I've only learned this because people I cared about got mad at me when I tried to fix their problems, instead of letting them know I had faith in them to handle it, and I'd be there if they needed me. It felt terrible figuring this out.<br />
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So, instead I gather in my chi and go looking for what crap of mine needs working on, a far less comfortable subject than fixing everybody else's. (Or if I'm not quite ready for that, maybe I lose a few hours on an online community...)

I see where you are coming from on this one. Some people have called me arrogant because I feel the need to express my honest and true feelings alot. I call it honesty but others call it opinionated. It doesn't matter to me if people follow or agree with my ideas. I just like to say them. <br />
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I don't consider it as being arrogant either. I feel its more like I am a decisive person who knows what she wants and what she likes and doesn't like. Unfortunately most people aren't as decisive as me and have trouble forming opinions and ideas on their own. So in turn, it is almost like they are threatened by a person who knows things. This may be a little off of your original topic but this is where my train of thought went when I read it.

its not arrogant to have an opinion or a view. how you go about putting that view on to other people may be insenstive or disrespectful in some senses (i mean generally, not you specifically). but just because we form a perception of something, does not mean we have to somehow feel guilty for that. all of life is a perception.

oo oo I know !! I Know, How about you just keep doing what your doing and whatever happens happens ?? You are Global already and are helping so many ( Poet me :) and... awww i dont know ... you made me laugh and that helped more than you know

Or perhaps a televangelist. Your nonsensical claims cannot be substantiated or disproved, you can pass off opinion for fact, and the louder, more preposterous, and shrill your rantings become, the better the reception will be. Not to mention the money and white belt!