Lock-pick Extraordinaire

A mere acquaintance of mine locked her keys in her car one night. Cue me. Come policeman or locksmith, it was going to be me to get those keys out! In that moment I was Houdini, lock-pick extraodinaire.

Sure, I'd 'broken' into my own car before, having locked my keys inside numerous times. Only, one could probably just remove the door from my car with nothing but a pair of tweezers. A 'skadonk' in comparison to this fort-knox-on-wheels. Ignoring all attempts by confused onlookers to persuaede me otherwise, I proceeded to shove all things long and metal into the locks and down windows.

Of course all my efforts were like throwing cheese at cows. Not only had I not managed to open the car door, but I had engraved and embossed her car seat and door handles so that they looked like the door post at the local cattery.

Needless to say, the locksmith arrived moments later to have the door open in 4 seconds flat.

In my country there's a word used to describe people like me. "Mampara"!

I must admit that on occasions I have pulled off some miraculous 'improvements'...without anyone's better knowledge. :)

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1 Response Sep 6, 2007

Well, you prove that humans can stick to what they want to believe inspite of what they know!<br />
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A story worth seeing. I enjoy the frank descriptions of things of which I easily relate. <br />
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R<br />
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