Always Kept My Distance

I've always kept my distance from people, not always intentionally but looking back i never really got to close to anyone. I had plenty of "good" friends but no best friend. No one who really knew the real me. Over the past couple years i've let a select few people get to know the real me and i no longer desired to keep my distance. However, after being burned by these people i've once again backed off and become friendly but always from a distance.

I think the reason i do this is because i've been hurt too many times personally. As well as have seen some of the people that mean the most to me be hurt by the people they let get too close. I'm not distrusting of everyone, well ok nevermind i am. For me people have to prove to me that i can trust them before i let them get too close. Being this way has made me realize i am missing out on some things but personally i'd rather miss out than get screwed over by someone i thought was my friend.
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

I too keep myself to myself and sometimes wish others could do the same.

It's somewhat natural to feel distrustful, but, I think that in the end, it will not matter. Just, "Tell the truth and you'll never have to remember" Abe Lincoln.