The Feeling Of Loneliness

I know the feeling of loneliness. I have been through that part. But now I know the feeling of how to cope with the sense of loneliness. In the past, the reason I keep myself distance from people is because they weren't that interested on me. Even in my family, I was the 'kid who never get honor in class', 'the kid who isn't tall', ' the kid who is chubby', 'the kid who is weird' and many more. Often times, these are the reason I keep away from people. When they are away, their remarks won't reach me.

But the learning of loneliness at an early age, taught me to know more about myself, what I'm good at, where I want to be, what are my strengths and what are my weaknesses. Not all of them, but it's nice to know about yourself. But I also know being alone is just part of life, being alone too long, is the one part that hurts because sad and angry thoughts often burst into your head for no reason.

Often, the lack of appreciation and the exposure of insult and inferiority results to the distance to people.

As a fellow lonely person, I do know this. There is always someone out there who needs you. Often times, it has to start with you because someone out there needs you too.
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Words cannot describe how this story has touched me, left me trembling , but with a sense of knowing . May you always walk in beauty...:)

God bless you, dear girl. You're not only very intelligent, but from just those words in your story, you're very smart. I could've been a genius in school and my parents--angry father and no-good stepmother--would've still been no good to me. But that's another story. You deal with what you come up against, i see, and that means you deal with adversity well. That's one of THE most important things about living, and i truly admire you for that. I was so unloved in my parents' house that it made me so yearning to be wanted and loved and cared for that it consumed the first twenty years of my life, and so dealing with school, adversity, or anything else wasn't of concern to me, so i never learned well how to deal with adversity. You're very blessed and lucky and you have a long, sccessful future ahead of you, sweet lady.

Thank you. I still face adversity especially in my family but now, I stopped listening to those words they always say. Thank you very much

Loneliness is truly hard on a person, even if you are in a croud. Or around people that you know, but do nOt understand you. Please do not give up on your self. There are at least people who would talk to you. Although it is not physically them there talking to you. Things will hopefully get better for you. Good luck. Remember you do have people here for you.

nice story :) i love the end part