Tantric Kisses

I was very young but the boy who lived down stairs would always kiss me on the cheek when we crossed paths .  One time we were close up and personal and I experienced what I now know to be tantric kissing.  My toes curled.  He was much older than I was. I can stil feel how his lips brushed against mine,  then passing my ear, warm breath on my skin, it made those little hairs stand up. Yet the kiss was a kiss and at the same time still elusive. when he finally touched my lips once more the hunger rose up and I move forward to meet him. That wonderful kiss stopped time and I never wantedit  to end. Long and loving. I thought I had died and gone to paradise

emmchant emmchant
2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Kissing can be so sensual and erotic that it becomes a large part of foreplay.I love it!!!

I had a similar encounter with the woman I know call my wife. it was our first time hanging out as BF and GF, I was about to head home, we hugged.. then in a moments hesitation, we locked a kiss. it was about 2 seconds, but felt like longer. And I felt the taste of her lips for the rest of that day.