I Might Be Agnostic Yet I Do Fathom As If There Is Something Supernatural Divine

I seem that I may have to say I'm more Agnostic, than Atheist. I have been expressing myself here that I don't "Believe there is a God".  Not some God that most and much of the World would like to have us to believe in.  Not Some God that is Our Omnipotent Heavenly Father that has all to Believe in this Love for us and wants only for us to Acknowledge it and Worship it. The way everyone wants from us to Believe in such a God. Yet, I think the Universe does possibly yield in all the Chemistry Elements, the possibility that there is this of the Spiritual. Maybe? (I've been Open Minded About it, but Maybe this realm is Imperceptible for us? For some reason.)

My ideas about anything Divine is that something is not all Loving and Concerned in totality for us, but has made us something more as a Universe Science Experiment and only to be Observed.  I am prone to think that there is the possibility of some kind of Extraterrestrial Alien Life in this Universe and going back to the Beginning of the Universe some 5 Billion years ago, Extraterrestrial's with what I think has Limitations (No Omnipotent) are making and dealing with our Solar System.  Maybe they have been setting off the Biology on this Planet and did form the evaluational course of all this Life, only by its processes and using Evolution to doing it.  In my mind the purpose on this Earth is "Evolution" and this is what any kind of Extraterrestrial is only interested in?  What is the outcome of this experiment here on Earth showing itself to manifest of itself, by the Diversity of the Outcome?  As being interested in Science, that means being able to Ask Questions. I'm not like an Atheist that we shouldn't even Ask Universal Questions.  That part is what makes Atheism to me a bit uncomfortable, is that they don't want us to Ask Universal Questions and be Open Minded about what is "Imperceptible" to us in this Universe. And even though I see the Argument with Theist. I think there is a straight and narrow path to all this. That usually doesn't mean to me that the Theist are still all right by any means.

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I pray to God, but, mostly because I've been in recovery from drug addiction for 20yrs, and my program tells me to. I believe ALL the worlds religeons are more wrong than right. (tho Tao ism is very cool and poetic) I don't understand how intelligent people can be fundamentalist. I believe they must be brain-washed, or brain-damaged. There is no life after death, no heaven, no hell. the world would be better if we all accepted this, and made the very best of this 1 life we have. I believe in some Higher-power, that I can't understand,that I might tap into during meditation. I also believe in other powers, that I don't understand, like telepathy, so, I can accept the existance of a power greater than myself, that may be a kind of energy that the universe, all the living things, is part of.