I'm Sure Some U.f.o. Sightings Has Been Military, But?

It disturbs me that it is suggested that the Military is behind all kinds of TOP SECRET IMPERCEPTIBLE Technology for any kind of  U.F.O sights. If they have that kind of Pretentious and Conceitedness Attitude about it.  You know what I expect?  I would never expected 9/11 or loosing so many military personal in the IRAQ war.  As much as covering up all those sightings I've heard about was suppose to be Military, then that kind of technology should had kept us from being this degraded in our struggles in the war that we are having. Is it more that some people delight and find it more meaningful to be in a War?  If we where not so much having a War going on, I'd believe in the good causes that our Military is really that concerned to keep all their technology TOP SECRET and IMPERCEPTIBLE for it Causes. Like I said Causes, that I really find disgusting, for US to being in such constant WARS as we are in and loosing so many in the Military and having to fight a WAR that looks so primitive and struggling so damn hard to Win.

Something doesn't make sense to me, that U.F.O.'S are all Military.  If it was, I would think that kind of stuff should had kept all this WAR crap from still going on.

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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Our ancients have crashed, been shot down and all kinds of **** by the U.S. Government. They have reverse-engineered crafts and we get new technologies such as fiber optics for one. Our spy planes are not planes at all anymore at least the "top secret" ones. lol Our government is 10 to 15 years atleast...ahead of us in technology. Don't worry so much though because it is only a matter of time before our ancients come back and there will be many of them and by the looks of it...they should be pissed at how we are treating this earth. Not mentioning keeping some of their bodies and studying them around the clock. The U.S. Government is going to **** there britches when it all goes down. I will be outside waiting for my pickup if I am one of the lucky ones.