Some Folks Just "Knew Stuff"

I decided to share some memories at the funeral of a man who was our neighbor when I was a kid. As a teen and a young adult, I had many opportunities to chat with him, and it was always fascinating. That was back in the 70's & 80's, and as I remembered that, I mentioned that Dave "just knew stuff!" That drew some chuckles from those gathered. They had their conversations with him, too, of course. They knew. It didn't matter what the subject was. He would have done well on Jeopardy, I'm sure.

Then there was my dad's cousin, Ed.  He and my dad would talk about things, and Ed always seemed to have the latest information. Spoke like he was an expert. To this day, I wonder how he knew all that. Doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day to become knowledgeable on so many subjects, in such apparent depth.

Personally, I like to know stuff...just to know it, I guess. I don't have the range of subjects to do well on Jeopardy. But maybe I could work some things into a novel. Then one day, someone would "just know" about some minutia in my little-known book. Ha ha ha!
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

I'd read your book. I love knowledge!

Yeah, some people really know a lot. They are interesting in learning and that really helps.

Then again, there are the people that get GIANT heads because they know that they know a lot. Those people tend to be not so fun.

True, there are many snobs. No matter how much they know, they still don't know everything. True, the know it alls are not good company. See there, they really don't know it all, because if they did, they'd be better company & realize how annoying their behavior effects those around them.