And another one !
"White, pale skin looks so much sexier than ****** brown :) "(no offence my friend)
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It's probably intended to be offensive, but think of this. A person with views like that limits themselves. Which they are quite entitled to do. They miss out, and as time goes on and folk wise up, they are in the decline

Everyone is racist in their own way. There's no way to rid of it, but there IS a way to better ourselves. There will always be some kind of thought or observation in our mind, that people can consider racist, whether we're conscious of it or not. We just gotta recognize it and improve ourselves.

Well, one of her experiences is "I Am a Racist".
Points for honesty!

Massage me

Full body, or just a quick one around the shoulders?

Check this out, Mon Ami. Here's more proof of how racist she is! She's part of a group called "I Just like White Guys". Here's the link to her post in that group

These people are disgusting! They have no shame. None what-so-ever! Anonymity has really given them a lot of cover to be as awful, cruel, and offensive without any repercussions (they create multiple accounts to purposely antagonize those they hate).