The latest racist rant---
"I am sick of black people's bad attitude!!! I have had nothing
but bad experiences with them! And they are born playing the race card!!!! If Michael Brown weren't a Criminal, he wouldn't be dead right now!"
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From an onlooker's POV I see that policing in America has really lost the plot. Really, badly. OK (well, not ok, but for the sake of argument) what's a bit of racial hatred between cops and the citizens they are paid to serve? ○○○○ But just killing people for running away? And getting away with it over and over and over? Surely even the most hardened hater must see there is something badly wrong with this? You wouldn't be this cavalier if there was a tiger on the loose in a built up area

Oh my God, where do these people come from?

and if Michael Brown's killer hadn't been carrying a gun - he wouldn't be a killer. This may sound a little naïve - but I just happen to live in a country where the police aren't routinely armed

Michael Dunn was today found guilty of first-degree murder for the killing of Jordan Davis. I was ecstatic when I heard!

Omg this kinda thinking is part of what's causing blacks to lash out and assault white people.

Also this is a sad example of how people are so easily manipulated by media. The cops who killed him had no idea of the shoplifting petty theft. Nor is such a minor infraction worth his life.

You are sick. How can you consider yourself a feminist, yet not support other rights? The feminist I know support minorities cause as much as their own. You should be ashamed of yourself you disgusting racist

Apologies. Then that applies to whatever said that minus the feminism remark :

This crap really has me going. Seeing all this bigotry going around.

I get so sick of people spewing this venom. I'm beginning to think it will never end.

Yes, that’s my impression too. It seems that certain high profile situations like the one you referenced is all it takes for some people to come out with their true feelings regarding race. The situation in Ferguson will eventually die down, but something else will happen in the future and there’ll be an onslaught of this junk all over again.

Incredible! Yet another example of extreme bigotry, racial prejudice, and mind numbing ignorance! That line: "And they are born playing the race card!!!!" proves how racist this person really is. I've encountered someone just like this on my recent story, Mon Ami. Here's the link

Someone asked if they could all me blackie today

Ok so a kid stealing cigars deserves to be killed while unarmed ? Not to mention being left in the street for 5 hours. I'll take it you're just racist and/ignorant -

Michael actually broke the officers jaw, and when told to hold his position in order for the officer to safely put him into custody, he proceeded to move towards the officer. Honestly, this is not a case similar to Trayvon Martin's case, he actually injured an officer and refused to acknowledge the officer's orders, which gives the officer authority to gun down any man/woman that chooses to participate in such conduct.

I think people are reading the post but failing to comprehend what was being said, i was referring to michaels case, where an INVESTIGATION was held, which found that brown actually assaulted the officer. It IS NOT the same case as mr. Martin, in which he was gunned down for absolutely nothing, with race being prime motivation in martin's murder. Michael was actually RESISTING arrest, it was shown in both the investigation and one of the eye witness' description of what happened. People are relating brown's case to martin's, when they are TWO different cases.

Tiffany mitchell's account says she saw a struggle between brown and the officer, which brown actually managed to get free, THAT RIGHT THERE IS ENOUGH FOR AN OFFICER TO OPEN FIRE. Not to mention the investigation showed that the officer had a swollen face (not a broken jaw, my mistake) indicating that michael actually assaulted the officer.

I am not defending the cop and his actions, the kid should NOT have been shot 8-9 times, but he gave the cop a reason to open fire on him. Period

Running away is not a reason or even an excuse for an officer of the law to open fire on anyone. The mere fact that this is accepted as normal just goes to show how corrupt society, and policing, has become

If the suspect simply ran, deadly force would not be authorized, but instead, the kid assaulted the officer, as shown in the investigation, at that point, deadly force is authorized, for the officer does not know of the suspects intention. Especially if the suspect after being told to stop and hold position continues to walk towards the officer, which is what happened. The kid may have had his hands up, but he was still moving on the officer's position. After being assaulted and having the suspect move in on your position once again, the officer probably thought brown was going to try and either 1. Remove the weapon from the officer. Or 2. Go in for another assault. This would cause the officer to react with deadly force in order to insure he and the others around him are safe.

When they were stopped for walking in the street, they were instructed (harshly, i know) to get onto the sidewalk, they refused. That is refusing to acknowledge orders given by authority, which would cause the officer to approach the kids to insure proper disciplinary action is dished out, and that is likely how things stated in my last comment escalated

Well, it's law, which needs to be enforced, it could have been handled differently (use of a tazer maybe) but it was handled, and handled with intention to enforce law, not attack someone because of their race.

I too have been assaulted and held immorally at gun point by the law, but one must realize that it is second nature for law enforcement to profile and act harshly and sometimes deadly in almost every situation, there has been to many times an officer of the law has been killed for being too trusting and careless when dealing with suspects.

It seems the conversation is basically over, so from this post i shall discontinue responding

Grow a ******* brain will you? It's 2014 and you still think that the police department that investigated his death is out to get you and everyone else? With the constant media coverage of black men and women shot down? No matter how much you think they tried to cover that **** up, they will always be know as the police department responsible for gunning down a young un armed black man. A guilty police department would have did nothing to find out any information about Mr. Brown, instead they actually put effort into trying to find clear evidence about what happened. You are acting like every police department intentionally covers up crimes committed by one of its officers because of some racist vendetta they have against minorities. You belong in the same pot the 9/11 conspiracy theorists are in. Grow the **** up and stop trying to find a reason to keep racism relevant, because that is all you are doing. Instead of trying to listen to two sides of a story, hard headed people such as yourself have to hop on some old bullshit conspiracy theory that we as a nation have been trying to get rid of for years.

Lol from personal experience I know wrongful police killing is swept under rug. Lawsuits against such actions are near impossible now. Get real

The amount of ignorance that you just stated is outstanding, you think police departments want to be responsible for another riot? Sweeping it under the rug has never worked for the police department, not since Rodney king


Reminds me of a fortune-telling dwarf who escaped from custody. A small medium was at large

I thought America was policed by consent? It's not a police state, is it? Do police officers have the right to randomly stop and harass people (their employers) whenever they feel like it, and kill anyone who won't co-operate? Surely the police are answerable to the people whose taxes pay their wages?

Oh yes, throw racist insults at another while taking a stand against racism, bravo. You have won the awards of irony and hypocrisy. What is funny is that you and others fail to realize that i never claimed that the murder of Mr.Brown was justified, i simply stated a couple of alternative explanations besides the popular "**** the police, they are mostly racist" explanation. You are indeed correct, stupidity is a choice. Not that it actually has any relevance in this conversation, but what you say holds truth, in fact we have a living example of the stupidity choice taken by some humans, that example being you, a racist who just showed his true colors.

I will actually provide you with some better alternatives now in terms of racist remarks against whites. How about redneck, hillbilly, germanic savage, neanderthal, cracker. If you have any more, please contribute to the list.

Resisting arrest warrants murder? Wow, so it's ok to shoot a person in back? Here I thought cops allowed to fire weapon only if their or public life and safety in jeopardy.

The cop in question could very well be guilty of wrongful murder, but not only did the kid resist arrest, but also assaulted the officer, assault depending on which state you are in is enough to warrant death, because it as seen as an intention to seriously injure and even kill another man

Since it is considered assault on a police officer for merely resisting arrest. Those charges go hand in hand, your missing point. If also like to point out many are injured being arrested, but police never face assault charges. Same with threats, cops are allowed to make terrorist threats at will. Strange people who dislike government involvement in day to day life, support police atrocities

Anon I served my country. So your insults are extremely disrespectful. From a tactical view. I take huge issue with cops not having weapons pointed down, with finger off trigger. Until they are ready to use said weapon, and intend to take someone's life.

Reasons why military employs such tactics, reduce friendly fire and civilian casualties. These rules don't apply to police though right? Also your point of Rodney king is pointless. Unless you have backing or support of ACLU, or enormous expendable income. It's next to impossible to sue, now days. Lastly it's ignorant to say cops don't cover up mistakes.

Wether, civil, judicial, executive, or legislative, cover ups are nothing new. For gods sake, they having to implement total camera coverage in prisons and jails. All because deputy's have a tendencies of dragging inmates out of camera and killing them. They are requiring every police interaction to be video taped cause police and sheriff can't be trusted.

Noone disagreed with what you had to say, maybe because this is (or was) a heated debate discussing a very sensitive subject that you felt offended by my statements, i apologize for anything i have stated that may have offended you in anyway. However, my point still stands, and what i have to say actually does hold truth. We live in a time where police brutality of anyone regardless of race is extremely frowned upon and is dealt with accordingly. We no longer live in a period where it is okay to kill young (especially african american) men and women out of period hatred, so as for the motive of the killing, i personally think based on the situation that it was not racially motivated. Think about it from the point if view of the police department, if they try and cover it up, it will only end up resurfacing at a later date, it always has. Not only that, they send the officer to court, regardless of the verdict, it still damages the reputation of the police department. They have NO reason to cover such a thing up, for their reputations and support have already been heavily damaged. In regards to the actual officer who shot the kid, he was assaulted and that could have lead him into a state of panic. We have seen such officers panic and act with deadly force on multiple occasions, for example the officer who opened fire on the woman in her car closing her glovebox. This isnt right, never will it be in the slightest, but it happens. To turn something into some racially motivated hate crime is just ignorant and immature, speaking on how that is what people hopped on immediately as soon as information was released.

"Especially blacks, latinos, and low income whites" i am finished with speaking on this, it is exhausting and a complete waste of time. Neither you or i can speak on the officers behalf on whether or not it was racially motivated, what i can say is hopping on the bandwagon of "Black man gets shot by officer, officer must be racist" helps Noone and is entirely ignorant when many men and women regardless of color are gunned down, assaulted, etc. more often than you actually think. I am not at all demonizing the victim, have i at all said "It was the right thing to do, gunning down the kid" anywhere in this conversation? No, but instead, i get feedback from people such as yourself who would love to demonize the police as a bunch of evil people that constantly love to conspire against blacks, latinos, and low income whites. You know why those other stories don't usually make the news, because it makes no money, it doesn't spark riots, and it doesn't boost someones reputation on being the man/woman who reported on it first. Things have changed, very much so, it seems that people have changed the way they react to this type of thing, they instead of forming their own opinions and not letting liberal guilt affect how they think, people want to jump to conclusions, spark hatred against anyone and everyone, and refuse to take the time to get all the information about a situation. Noone justified the shooting of the kid, this is a debate on the motive of the killing, which i seriously doubt was racially motivated after reading from eye witness testimony and the investigation done by the police. So, that being said, discontinue the pathetic and futile attempt to tag me as the "ignorant white man who tried to justify the wrongful murder of an African American teenager"

Stating what was in the investigation is different than trying to justify the murder of a kid. I stated what was in the investigation, which says that he proceeded to move towards the officer when told to hold his ground. Like i said, simply stating what was included in the investigation IS NOT the same as trying to justify what had happened, the original commenter stated that the officer shot him over some Cigars, which was not the case, mr. Brown is said to have assaulted the officer, which i stated could have been reasonable as to why the officer shot him, meaning it could be a reasonable EXPLANATION as to why the officer decided to open fire on mr.Brown. I do believe that Michael Brown was not shot over racial hatred and bigotry, but because he had assaulted the officer, causing the officer to panic. Read, and read closely, on more than one occasion during this conversation i have made it clear that what the officer had did in that situation was wrong and unjustifiable. In fact, to QUOTE MYSELF i stated "The Cop in question could very well be guilty of wrongful murder" and to quote myself AGAIN i state "I am not defending the cop and his actions" You are either showing signs of memory loss or you just plain did not care to read my statements. I say again, This was a debate on THE MOTIVE of the murder, NOT a debate on whether or not the murder was justified. Pay attention for **** sake, in regards on the original poster, classifying him as a criminal is extreme, speaking on how he only stole some cigars, i can say (if you really need me to, as if it wasnt totally obvious already.) that such a classification is indeed wrong. Eye witness testimony states that a struggle was observed, the investigation states that the officer was assaulted, do i have to put two and two together? Do i really have to lower my statements down to utter simplicity? Do i have to speak to you like a 7 year old with a keyboard. I would think you would be smart enough to not only read my statements word after word, but see the correlation between "a struggle was observed" and "the officer was assaulted" This useless conversation will go NOWHERE if you do not actually take the time to pay attention to what has been stated. Good day to you, and i wish you happy travels on the road of life.

The keeping racism relevant response was directed towards the obvious racist bryflayz, to clear things up, i was carrying on conversations with three different people, i am sorry if this caused any misunderstanding.

Also , i didn't catch any possible insult that could have attacked my intelligence, so... Yeah...

OMG I can't believe you have to put up with conversations like this! Oh, it's funny. I've made that decision, otherwise I'd cry

Pure hatred*

Karma is having a field day with him now, though! 😱

Yeeeeeah, he was likely panicked to an extreme level, causing him to be quiet careless with his shooting. A rookie move, panicking like that.

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