Haha Well I Do (:

I love to laugh and smile a lot.
Doesn't mean I always can.
Perhaps it's because I'm not always around joyful things.
****. I'm not where I'm supposed to be to smile so easily.
I try to smile outwardly so people won't see the pain withered inside me.
I smile because I wanna feel something that makes me feel alive.
When I do , nothing stops me.
Until I go home.
But, to me it's just a home.
I'm nowhere close.
I'l be there soon and when I get there
I'll have no reason to hold anything back,
before I smile I'll cry.
Cry happy tears.
I will be free
Until then I am this fragile bird
That's get's by alright
fake smiles and an empty heart.
Nobody can hurt me if I don't feel
When It's out I'll be happy and my smile and peals of laughter will never die off.
I'll be happy.
18-21, F
May 13, 2012