Anyone Who Likes To Lay Facedown On Wood Floor Or Tile Floor I Love The Feeling Of It Laying One Side Of Your Face Down & Ear Down On The Floor Is Smooth

Anyone who likes to lay facedown on wood floor or Tile floor love the feeling of it  laying one side of your face & ear pressed aganist the floor is smooth I do it all the time also in the summer when the floor are sticky and hot I lay facedown on shiny floors alot and i also get a ***** alot that  I get horny when in my underwear and laying face down on the floors all the time I came alot looking for a friend that is into the samething hit me up
Frankco Frankco
31-35, M
2 Responses Apr 2, 2010

Yes I love this please

I lay face down on wooden floor and tile floor humping in bikini briefs and *** you what kind of floor you lay on face down when humping

Anyone likes humping floor hit me up would love to chat looking for friends