~ Screaming Silence ~

In silence lies the ability to listen; to listen to ourselves, to others and to God. Listening is a lost art. Without it we cannot communicate, we cannot relate to each other and so we cannot live life meaningfully. We need to learn to listen. Sitting in silence allows us to listen to ourselves and to understand. This silence can heal. The worries, the pain can be healed when we listen. Spiritual medicine is ever-present in the soul. Whenever we need it, to whatever extent we need it, we can find it within.
Evangeline1985 Evangeline1985
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I don't know where you got this or if it came from your heart...but you "hit the nail on the head" when you said "listening is a lost art".
We get so caught up in our day to day activities, working and being busy, that we never take the time to listen to others. To actually hear what they are saying.
If we actually listen to others....think about what they said, to CARE about that person and problems, friendships would be so much stronger...thier would be a stronger bond.
This is great :-D