My Date With Caspian

Caspian Hamillson is a very friendly guy, and a nice man to be around. He is relatively new member of my clientele, and he seems to be responding well to the therapies. Well, we went on a date Friday evening, after he asked me to dinner at our session.

He's thirty years older than me (at least), and he told me the restaurant he wanted us to dine at. I knew it, but I'd never been there, it is rather expensive. He asked me if I would wear a dress, and high heels, so I did this for him. The feed and the ambiance were very satisfying to both of us, and he ordered two bottles of French wine in my behalf.

We got to talking, and he told me that there are alot of men who want to come to my yoga classes, and to have private tantra treatments. Evidently, it has become known in certain circles of the benefits of attending tantra sessions at Ole and Carls' house! He told me he is looking forward to the session in which we have sex! I asked him what the guys were saying then, and he told me that they were sure my sessions are a great way to undermine the laws about prostitution!

I was both amazed and amused, that they saw me like this. It is often a reaction from older people, that a young woman with a tantra yoga school, and private sessions is some kind of harlot! It is amusing, that people of a puritanical, Lutheran background, see anything which treats sexual inadequacy as some kind of *****. My own teacher told me about her experiences. It was why she had married another yoga teacher (Hatha yoga) and they developed their 'business' together.

Caspian told me he delighted in my dress, and my stiletto heels, and especially the fact that I wasn't wearing anything else but dress and shoes!
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Show me how you looks?

Don't blame him. Ask yourself how you felt.
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