It Is Very Addictive

My first time was an accident and being young didn't realise what I can done until later. It was only a few months after we all decided to try a nudist lifestyle. By this time we had all become used to removing all clothes whenever we were home and only got dressed when visitors arrived.

Two of my Dads friends arrived to visit him and as usual I was reminded to get dressed, which I did. I put on my summer dress which was the easiest and the one laying on a chair near the door. I could hear them all talking so rather than be bored I started to play in my room. After a while I got bored and went into the lounge to watch tv. Dad and his friends were in the lounge taking up all of the chair space so turned on the tv and laid face down towards it to watch. The room went quiet and I assumed they all stopped to watch my show. After a while, they must have started their conversation but I didn’t notice.

After the friends left dad and mum talked quietly in their room and then dad came out and asked me to come and sit on the lounge next to him and chat. He was smiling and in a really happy mood. He said that he wanted to talk to me about something that had happened when his friends were in the lounge room but not to worry as I wasn’t in trouble for anything. Apparently when I laid down to watch tv Dad and both his friends turned and could see straight up my dress and with my legs positioned apart, had a great view of my vagina and bum. Both visitors became a bit uncomfortable which Dad noticed so started to talk, as if he didn’t notice. That seemed to start to relax them and they started chatting again. During the remainder of their stay Dad said they kept sneaking peaks right up until they left.

After I heard the story I told Dad that I loved the attention that I had received. He said that I should and that both of his friends were really turned on and couldn’t stop looking. He then confessed that he too looked and tried to explain how the situation turned him on. He was always honest with me about things and said that it surprised him, but the thought of these men lusting over me and looking at me was a huge turn on. After hearing this, I didn’t completely understand but by the way he explained things I was very happy that this happened. Subsequently my confidence and boldness grew and wanted to do it again for Dad or even just me.

Over the years I did do similar things to get men’s attention and still sometimes today. Mostly I remain clothes free as much as possible and when it becomes necessary I will put something simple on until I can remove it again. I still love the attention and to be honest I get excited especially if I see them react.

There is nothing better than looking at and appreciating naked bodies which I just love to do. I am a very lucky person and simply love my lifestyle and the people who are part of it.
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I am glad that you are able to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle - please don't ever stop!

Mm so correct
Can you add me so I can see

I'd love to see you nude - add me if you come back.

Seeing and being seen are two of the joys of going nude.

I would love to see you nude... please send pix

I would love to see you nude

How old were you then?

Awesome to be so open and comfortable. You and your parents are amazing.

Parenting done right!!! Would love to be added by u....

Well done dad, he wasn't angry and was happy to explain what had happened.

Neat story!

That is a great story, and I couldnt agree more with being nude as often as possible, and that bodies are beautiful. Im not saying all are, but sexy is sexy, and no better art than a sexy woman!!

Wow! What a story. That is some special, subtle entertainment. :)

I know people enjoy seeing me nude, and I too, like the attention. I used to cover up to answer the door, but now that I am comfortable nude while others are not, I just stay nude and let them enjoy the view.


Any guests got hard when they saw you nude?

Yes they did. I loved it and still do.

Did you all mutal **********?

That's the way we all should live. Why should we be ashamed when someone likes our body? I know I'm not. And I'm not ashamed to look either.

I to love being naked. There is definitely the fact of people looking and being seen naked. Is great your family is open about this. Some put to much restrictions on being naked.

Definitely addictive! When I first started going naked I was more inclined to "cover up" if someone I didn't know was around, but that changed pretty quickly.

lovely sexy story im also a nudest at home can i please be in your circle

I agree with you. Lucky guys. Please add me. Thanks.

very lucky dads friends you are a great girl wish it was me

What a nice treat for those guys...

I would too get hard if i look up a dress/skirt and see no panties

yes it is my gf would sit in a restaurant and go too the girls room and remover her panties and open her legs i never knew untill i ws feeling he leg in drive home and she mover my hand highe and mm nice the she old me what she did and how good it felt after that she always went with out panties

my young neiced did the sam e thing to me years ago lol i loved it

I think the allure of traveling is being able to move amid people you don't know very well. You can wear nice clothes, maybe even that reveal a little. You can accidentally let parts of you show, you normally wouldn't.... in the chaise chair in the lobby... sitting out by the pool... or on the stool in the bar. I know that I do things that are naughty more on the road, than I do while I'm home.....

I applaud women with your type of outlook.


of course, I have to work out to stay the way I look....

Your dad shouldn't probably just said, "here, Janie, how about a nice snack..." and ushered you off to the kitchen. I used to forget about things, too, and that's the way my mom and older brother handled it... we were nudists at home but modest with guests, as long as we all remembered.

What a delight, are you still so open minded. I am ! x

Looking at naked bodies is nice, but so is being the naked body someone else is looking at.