I Used To Be Embarrased Because Of My Size

When younger I dreaded locker rooms, being in circumstances where nudity might prevail; such as skinny dipping etc. I avoided such situations. I am micro with my phallus in size and so did not want anyone to see or know. I especially dreaded any seeing me erect to see how tiny I am. Now it is different. I have come to peace with it all. I am as I am. I have found too that others find intrigue with males like me being micro in size just as they do with very endowed. It is okay. They do not make judgement and enjoy seeing something different from the "norm". Thus I am okay now in locker rooms and have even where appropriate have gone skinny dipping. My friends have not laughed and in fact the opposite has happened where they have been open and honest about how I am even to ask me how it is to be so tiny genitally and how that has affected my life. I have learned to be open and vulnerable about it. As one once said "we fear to be open and vulnerable with another and with God, yet vulnerability brings richness and relationship with God and with another that we all so want". I found that to be very true.
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I've read a few of your stories and, yeah, I'm definitely one who would love to see your genitals. Not to judge or ridicule, but to admire (and, I admit it, ********** over). :)