My Sexy Horny Ex

So, I have this ex girlfriend and she is super, honestly the horniest girl I know. We went out a few years back, and things just didn't work out, although the sex was amazing. Well....we keep in touch and talk maybe once every six months or so, and I saw her about two months ago.

So anyway, we started texting a few weeks ago, just saying hi and happy thing led to another and the texts starting getting racy. Well, we started talking about fantasies, and this and that...she's super into girls, and I honestly think she likes girls just as much as she does guys. Anyway, she proceeded to tell me that she wanted us to go in for a couples massage together. She said she's been seeing this one guy, but he just isn't doing it for her. She said she wanted to go in for a couples massage, and wanted to be completely naked, and for the people massaging us to be completely naked.

Well...last week, we totally did it. It was weird, mixed with hot, mixed with taboo, mixed with exciting.......we went in, and there was this good looking persian guy for her, and a half black half white girl for me.....the girl that was massaging me was spectacular, she had a bombshell of a body! Anway, we totally got undressed in front of each other, we hadn't seen each other naked in years, and instantly I was horny. We both ******** down and laid on tables, and then our massage people came in.......he took off his shirt and shorts, and got down to his boxer girl came in and took off all her clothes except for a pink thong. Her body was sensational.....we sat there, and got massaged for about twenty minutes, then I proceeded to look over at my ex and this guy had put a foam roller under her hips, with her *** sticking in the air......I sat their and watched, and he was totally rubbing his finger all around her ***.......I could tell she was getting turned on because she kept moving her hips up and down. My girl totally started rubbing my **** while I was laying on my stomach (I'm a sucker for that) girl asked me to flip over and I had a raging hard on. After I flipped over, I looked over at my ex and the guy was totally going to town spreading her *** apart and rubbing her *****. My massage girl just looked at me and smiled....I asked her if she had ever done this before, and she said no, but it was hot. I heard the guy ask my ex if she wanted to flip over and she obliged. After she flipped she had oil all over her body and this guy was rubbing her **** like it was going out of massage girl started rubbing my **** with tons of oil, and she proceeded to put her *** right next to my face. I started to rub her ***, and slowly worked my way underneath her pink panties, and started to rub her *****. I was sooooo happy when my finger slid right in. She smiled and looked at me when I did it......I asked her if it was ok that I was doing that, and she said....can't you tell it's ok? My ex was in heaven with this guy fingering her.......she looked over at the girl massaging me and said, "doesn't he have a beautiful ****?" I'm A SUCKER I AM FOR GIRLS TELLING ME THAT! She said, "yes, it's really nice and thick." I came within 30 seconds of these two women looking at my **** like ex never had an ****** while he was massaging her, but she totally enjoyed herself.

Afterwards, we needed to shower so they said the two of us could go in the shower......she and I went in, and started to make out while we were in there. I bent her over and ****** her from behind. We had been in there for 15 minutes or so, and it was kind of weird that we were ******* in someone elses bathroom. So we got out, and on the way home my ex said she was really bummed because she didn't get to ***. I told her, go for it. She said, will you please put that **** in me though.....I don't feel like getting off from ************. We pulled the car over and I told her to get in the backseat and start rubbing herself. I sat there and watched for about 3 or 4 minutes....that was all I could take. She has a GORGEOUS BODY, and a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL TIGHT PINK LITTLE *****. So I hopped in the back seat, pulled my **** out and made her grab it and rub it against her ****. That was our thing when we were together, she would rub the head of my tip against her **** and then I'd shove it in the second she would start to ***........she came so hard, and it was sooooo sexy. After watching her ***, I came in two seconds....was so sexy! Anyway....that was my last Wed.
Sharkboy7 Sharkboy7
31-35, M
Jan 12, 2013