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Fictional Foot Slave Story - Volume 1

It all started when I was 15 years old. I'm a guy, and I wanted to smell guys feet. I dreamed of having a real experience with feet, because it had never happened before. All I did was watch You-Tube vid's and read stories of people being forced to smell feet. My name is Kevin, and one night, I realized that one of my favorite youtube feet master celebrities lived in Chicago, just a couple miles from where I lived. Because of the fact that I was 15 meant that I couldn't just leave home to become a foot slave, so I wanted to devise a plan. I thought about telling my parents that I was going over to my friend Nick's house. I thought that it would work perfectly. I would lie that I was going to Nick's house, when really, I was leaving to become a footslave to my future master. But I would only be able to do it until about 8 or 9 a clock, because my parents would want me home. After school, the next day, I told my parents the planned lie, and once I left my house, I walked to the foot master/youtuber's house. I walked up onto the porch, noticing that there were shoes sitting outside beside the door. I realized that it was because of the smell. They had to be left outside because they were too smelly. Like instinct, I bent down beside his door and lowered my head to the shoes, and sniffed. They smelled absolutely horrible, like I was buried alive in dirty gym socks and cheese. Below, my pants started moving outward, and I longed for the source that the shoes came from. As I looked to knock at the door, I realized that the 18 year old man was just standing there, starring at me. He told me to get inside, so I did. This was the foolish start to my life as a foot slave. He pushed me onto the floor and asked me why I was messing with his shoes in a demanding, frightening tone. I didn't hesitate to answer, and told him that I was smelling them, and wished to serve his feet for the next 5 hours. He stood there for about 10 seconds that seemed like 10 years. He finally responded and said, yes, it will be fun... slave. He told me to wait there and that he would be right back. I waited, looking around the small home. I wondered how he was able to pay for the house as an 18 year old freshman. I noticed a computer sitting on a desk at the far end of the room. His desktop showed a picture of himself, sitting on top of another man who is licking his dirty feet. I didn't realize that he was this intense when it came to feet and domination. Then I saw 2 pictures hung high on the wall, one showing him and another man holding their feet up to the camera, smiling, and the other showing a picture of 3 newd men, including him, up close together, humping each other. Then I heard footsteps as he re-entered the room. I looked over to see him carrying a rope and a roll of duct tape.
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i love your story

Yes plez!