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Caleb The Skater

I go to a school with a kid named Caleb. I have never really been friends with Caleb, but I'm gay and I have a burning sexual attraction torwards him. I obviously have a foot fetish too, so when we're in class, I'm always secretly staring at Caleb's filthy yellow running sneakers. I've always wanted to smell Caleb's feet! I just really wanted to go up to him and give him all my secrets, but I couldn't. My brother, Caleb, and I are all in the same grade. Often times, Caleb comes over to my house to chill with my brother, but I've hardly ever spoken to Caleb myself. Also, unluckily for me, Caleb never takes his shoes off when he comes over, so I never get a chance to smell them. One day, he came over to our house like usual to see my brother, but my brother was at a soccer match and Caleb knew it. This time, he came for me. He asked if we could go to my room. I was confused, but led him to my room. Once we were there, he put down a sack he was carrying. Before I could ask why he was here to see me, he pulled something out of the sack. It was a fictional story I had written about my love for him. I froze, terrified that he had learned not only that I was gay, but that I had a foot fetish too. Then, he asked me to lay down at the foot of my bed. He sat at the end of my bed, towering above me with his shoe wearing feet dangling above my face. I didn't have to guess what he was going to do. "I've been wearing these shoes for two and a half years, and the same socks for about two weeks." Suddenly I was rock hard. "Unless you want everybody at school to know your secret, you are officially my slave from now on. Do you understand, I own you now. When I take these shoes off my feet will own you and you will have to do everything I say. Congradulations, you are now my *****. Caleb then kicked his shoes off and held them over my nose. The smell was amazingly smelly. "Oh, I almost forgot!" Caleb then took some duct tape and rope out of his sack. Before I knew it, my mouth was duct taped and my hands and feet were bound. I had no control over my body, I was his. He continued to hold his shoes over my nose, forcing me to inhale the smell. "I need a foot massage, and since you can't use your feet, I'm going to use your face." With that, Caleb placed his sweat drenched, filthy smelly socked feet on my face. I helplessly laid there, forced to smell his dirty socks and feet. He curled his socked toes around my nose. "Yeah, smell it. Sniff away at my totally rank feet slave! You and I are going to have a lot of fun together." Caleb then spit in my face. With his feet, he smeared his spit around my face. He then took his socks off and took the duct tape off of my mouth. I was grateful for the fresh air, but he then used both of his dirty socks as a gag, so I again had to breath through my nose. Now, I could still smell and taste the filthy socks gagging me. "Ok, now it's time to clean my bare feet." Caleb's feet were exetremely and visibly dirty, not to mention the intoxicating smell. First, he left me gagged while he rubbed his rank feet all over my face. He then ungagged me and told me to clean the dirt from his feet. I began to lick his feet clean while he laughed at me. Once I was done cleaning his soles, he told me to lick up the toe jam in between his toes. I obediently ate the toe jam from his feet. "Not good enough," he yelled at me. "I suppose we'll go to your punishment for taking so long to clean my feet! Caleb undid his pants and pulled them down. I could see his erected d-ck sticking up in his boxers. "Suck it, slave!" He pulled his underwear down and I sucked his d-ck as he asked. He suddenly released a huge load into my mouth and forced me to swallow all of it. Caleb then turned around and farted in my face. He pushed me down to a lieing position on the floor again. He then put his socks inside of one of his shoes. He re-duct taped my mouth and took out extra rope to tie the shoe, containing the socks around my face. "See you tomorrow!" He said, and left. From then on, Caleb has been my master, and I his slave.
smellyfeetguy20 smellyfeetguy20 18-21, M 3 Responses May 14, 2013

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Glad you liked it pinkslutmonkey!

That was the hottest story I've ever read, I'd do anything for this to happen to me

Hot story 👍