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A Foot Slave To My Friends

Since your here, you know I have a foot fetish, and so do you, so I'll get right into it! One day, in high school, I was sitting on the bus on our way to school. Sitting across from me was my good friend Ben. Sitting to my right was Caleb. Ben and Caleb have both always been in my sexual fantasies. They're both very hot teenagers. Caleb is a tall blond who used to wear the same black no show socks to school every day. Ben is a taller boy also with thick black hair who always wore really cool skate shoes. I always pictured being forced to sniff their shoes and socks. This story tells of the time when my ultimate fantasy comes true. Anyway, we were sitting on the bus and I couldn't help but stare at Ben and Caleb's shoes and feet. I was in love with them, and they had no idea. I was also in love with their feet. Once again, I then got a *****. With both of them sitting around me, I couldn't possibly let them see it. I thought I saw Ben looking at me, but I don't know if he actually knew at that point that I had feelings for him. We had been quite the entire time when Caleb said, "Dammit, I think I got something in my shoe, like a rock, ya know?" With that, he took his left shoe off and the stench of weeks wearing the same black socks in the middle of the summer came pouring into our noses. Ben and I turned our heads, however I was pretending to be revolted. I can't explain how much I wanted him to shove his feet in my face while I jacked off. By now, I had a raging ***** as I tried to get some good whiffs of his nasty socked feet. Too soon were his shoes put back on his feet and I had to try to keep concealing my *****. Ben, Caleb, and I all lived close by each other. We were all dropped off by the bus and Caleb walked to his house while Ben and I walked to my house. Caleb couldn't make it, but Ben and I had just planned on hanging out. When we came through the door to my house, Ben chuckled and said, "Jesus, Caleb's feet smell don't they!" I agreed, and laughed with him. We went to my room where Ben asked if we could head out and skate for a little while. I agreed, so we skated for about two hours and then came back to my house. Ben and I went back up to my room and Ben said, "Ya know, my feet smell pretty bad too, especially after skating. Do you mind if I take my shoes off? I hope I don't kill ya!" I said sure, make yourself comfortable! Ben said, "No, seriously, my feet reek, and after skating all day, I'd feel bad for you if you had to smell them." "No, that's ok, I really don't care!" I responded. Then I decided it was the moment to tell him I have a foot fetish, and that I'm gay. I told Ben, and to my surprise, he was totally cool with it. He said "Hey, that works out, you have a foot fetish and I like being in charge of people! So, do people with foot fetishes want to be tied up or something, cuz I need a slave, and you'd be perfect!" I told him that I would live to be his slave, so he got some duct tape and taped my mouth shut. He stole a zip tie from my dads work room in the basement and bound my hands. " Your first job as my slave is to be my foot rest. My feet are killing me so I might just kick these bad boys off and air them out. You'll suffer, but you are my slave after all." Then, Ben kicked his shoes off and rested his feet on my face. His socks were white but had been turned grey by dirt and whatever else made his socks so nasty. Ben turned on the TV in my room and put on his favorite TV show. Ben knew he had a willing unpaid servant, and his servant loved every bit of it. I was still at the foot of my bed while Ben used it and used me as his foot slave. His socks were so sweaty from skating that they wiped his manly foot smells onto my face while he relaxed. Being gagged, I was in no position to tell him when to stop. I was stuck in my position, letting Ben use me as a footstool while his socked feet rested on my face. "I wanna hear you taking deep sniffs, you hear me, I am your master and you will do what I say. He got on his phone and called Caleb to come over to see something cool. Apparently now Caleb had time to come over. In the meantime, whenever Ben would get exited about what was happening in the show, he would start stretching out and his socked feet would push against my face really hard. Finally, Caleb knocked on the front door to my house. "Coming!" Ben yelled. "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere, oh yeah, you can't!" Ben left and quickly returned with Caleb. "Holy ****, what have you done to him?" Ben responded, "Oh, well, he's my slave now, yours too for that matter. He told me he was gay and has a foot fetish!" "We'll, I'm gay too, Caleb said. Then, Caleb had become my second foot master. "We can all smell Ben's putrid feet, but I've played my last 10 or so games of football, soccer, and basketball in these socks, so I doubt you've ever smelled anything like this!" First, Caleb grabbed his shoes and put them over my nose. They were as smelly as Ben's actual feet, so I couldn't imagine what Caleb's feet was gonna smell like! After smelling Caleb's shoes, he suggested Ben get his shoes for me to smell. I was then forced to smell Ben's shoes, which I realized was nothing compared to the stench of Caleb's shoes. Caleb and Ben then sat at the foot of the bed while they watched TV and finally, Caleb lowered his putrid socked feet onto my face, and curled his toes around my nose for extra suffering(or pleasure in my case). I had never smelled an odor so potent in my life. I felt like I could start sweating just from the heat radiating off Caleb's feet. I thought I did start sweating for a second until I realized it was just Caleb's feet sweat covering my face. "Now you know who's boss, huh!" Caleb yelled and continued to rub the toe area of his socked feet over my nostrils. Then, Ben and Caleb took their socks off and I saw that their bare feet were disgusting with dirt and more from not washing their feet. They took the duct tape off my mouth and ordered me to lick both of their feet clean, every inch of them needed to be licked clean. It's not until I started to lick their feet that I realized how much gunk was collected in between their toes. They forced me to eat the toe jam and I licked every square inch of their feet. Tell me in the comments if you want the conclusion to this story!
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