The Sky Isn't Nearly Big Enough

It makes me wonder if we’re in someone else’s line of sight. It makes me think about how many other ways there are to perceive the stars. If there are more senses than just we have. If our understanding of them would be different as a result of sensing them differently. If there was any intent to create “wow” in our minds when God made them. Why having such a giant space between one point and another is either good or bad, and what scenarios would make that physical fact irrelevant. Hmmm…They are also just terribly beautiful.
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

It makes me wonder how much life is out there and whether our planet is in quarantine.<br />
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The southern night sky is amazing to look at on a clear night but no matter how hard I try, I cannot find the first letter of my name in it.

Living out here in the middle of nowhere as I do, the night sky is truly spectacular! When we get youngsters visiting - sometimes it is like a teen holiday camp here! - we take blankets outside and lie in a circle, heads together and 'find' different constellations. Or track the many satellites that whizz or track across the sky. There are more often than not a couple of falling stars to wish upon and gasp over. When the Milky Way appears it is hugely satisfying and exciting. <br />
The sheer immensity is so amazing! I love the feeling of gratitude and security it gives me. All this for me! I'm something special afterall! X@

May I express this rather bluntly?<br />
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The stars are ******* amazing!!!!!!!!<br />
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I love the distance, the makes you feel so small.<br />
But in that smallness (loss of ego) you feel so connected to it all!!!!!<br />
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Should I repeat my second line!!!!! :-)