So Peaceful - So Awe-inspiring....

There have been some nights, that I was blessed enough to look up and realize the sky was just full of stars - it was clear and just beautiful.  When I was in college, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there were some spectacular views - and a group of us would drive out somewhere with no buildings, no people and just star gaze!  

Now, I get so wrapped up in life - and hectic evenings, it is rare that I go out and look up at the sky but when I do - still makes me feel even more sure that there is a God in heaven looking down at me - and loving and taking care of me.  

There is a hammock in my backyard that needs to be used for just this thing - a little star gazing - a little reminder that God is there - watching over me!
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I hope Halloween night is clear because I will be outside with my neighbors hanging out and handing out candy - and it gets pretty dark while we are sitting there - it would be an awesome time to look up!! Going to the mountains in a couple of weekends - can't wait - may even take the convertible - then I KNOW I will see an awesome sight! I hope you are able to get out and see them - it is very calming and peaceful - I think!

AMEN Sister AMEN!!! Thanks destiney!!

I bet the desert is a great place to see stars!

Thanks for the comment! fav times - taking physics trip out to a place called Zzyzx...California gazing...telescopes....awesome friends. And the beauty of stars without city lights....

Will it hold two? mmmmmmmmmmm

Wow girlmcgirly - I hadn't thought of that - what an awesome thought - so many things we could probably learn from those tales! Thanks for commenting!

Don't you hate it when you get old enough to realize all the complications of something like this - when we were little, I know there were mosquitoes - but that didn't bother us! LOL! I hear you justwonderingif - hard to get out and do it between the weather and life being so hectic - I don't remember the last time I did it - AND having someone special to do it with has been an issue too!! LOL!

I know exactly what you mean.... I've done this and felt this way myself. But, now a days, life just gets in the way of everything. And, even if it was less hectic, the mosquitoes followed by cold weather around here would ruin the lying on a blanket, star gazing experience anyway. lol

I know - the related groups are hardly ever related... not even a key word, but I also notice that when you do a search for a group and you do the CLASSIC search - almost NONE of the stories are actually related to the group you are looking for - they are usually about men watching people with their wives - really - and other pretty sexual stuff - I'm searching for "I went to college" - what does a man watching a wife have to do with that??? LOL!!

Back to the sky though, I had never realized until last year that the Morning Star is actually Venus! The things you learn when you are helping your kids on their school projects! : )

The comments to this story have rather departed from its exalted theme. A starlit sky, on a clear night, is one of life's great wonders and always fills me with awe - which is more than can be said for EP's choice of related groups, two of which are about waking early and none of which relates to the stars..

Dorothy!! Please join the harem, we don't mind sharing Ptman and Chris! ;-) hehehe!!!!!

you bringing the Harem with you? Maybe Chris needs to bring his too - I heard you both have one! And fancy that, I am not in either one!! : )

that does make a lot of sense D, but right there. :)

Bring it on PTMAN - a hammock and a Harem Tent - they seem to go together, don't they?!

if you don't use i'm gonna put up my harem tent there and waych the stars myself. :)