The Fairy Tale Life Of Pu-edam And Pu-edam-osla

Pu-Edam loved her man more than anything. Truly. She did. Life with him was the epitome of everything she had ever hoped for and prayed for and worked for. He was in every thought. She was always near him, and she always smiled lovingly into his eyes. She loved him dearly and truly. Don’t let yourself think that she didn’t.

And she knew that Pu-Edam-Osla loved her. He gave her everything she needed and everything she asked for and he satisfied her in every way she could allow. She felt his love and life was wonderful.

One morning when Pu-Edam-Osla was brushing her hair Pu-Edam saw a boy running down the trail by their door with a foal dancing at his heels and she knew her happiness would truly be complete if she had a baby horse of her own and she asked Pu-Edam-Osla for one just like it.

Her foal was beautiful and fun, but it was too small to eat solid food so she asked Pu-Edam-Osla for a mother horse to nurse it. The mare was beautiful, too, and Pu-Edam rode on her back. When the foal was big enough, Pu-Edam packed a lunch every morning and the three of them ran wild in the woods until night.

One day a man asked her if he could hire her and her horse to carry some goods and so she traveled over the mountain. Then she hauled another load and another, traveling farther and farther, exalting in the woods and the lakes and the sun and stars. When she thought of Pu-Edam-Osla, it was with delight because she knew he would be glad that she was enjoying herself.

But she thought of him less and less, and she never wondered if he might be yearning for her to smile at him with loving eyes.

She was leading her horses on a dangerous trail above the sea and she fell over the precipice. When she awoke she knew nothing about who she was and she didn’t know that she had had horses. She was forced to go into the service of a merchant and spent all her time doing grueling work, sleeping with the animals, and crying because the world was unfair and cruel.

A traveler saw her and remembered her from her home with Pu-Edam-Osla. He told her of the joyous life she had had with him and he told her that it would be a long trip, but that he would help her to return.

But Pu-Edam looked at the man with empty eyes and continued to work and sleep and cry in anger.
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Thought provoking story.