Favouritist Thing!

I love to do this wherever i am!!!

I was amazed tho the first time i went to Turkey that in one of the outside bars i looked into the sky and couldnt see a single star!!! I asked one of the guys why this was but he didnt know!!
He took me back to where his company was building holiday homes and took me to the sun balcony!!! And the sky was full of bright stars!!! All we had gone was 2 minutes out of the main part of centre!!!

I lie on a swinging chair and cried as i waslooking at the stars! As i got a message from my bro who i dont see very often and he had travelled up to my hometown to see me and to show me my new nephew!!! He also asked me to be my nephews god mum!!!

I was so upset coz i couldnt see him but he sent me a message saying look into the sky  and if you can see the stars and the moon shining on you you know we are watching you and there with you! They are the same stars and moon we can see so we are with you and you are with us!!!

My poor friend didnt have a clue how to react he only wanted to show me the stars and the apartments he was always trying to get people to buy his places!!!! bless him!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
May 17, 2007