The Other Night.

I was very alone. Nobody awake. No family. No friends here or around the world. Silent and alone. In my warm sweats I put on my jacket and fuzzy boots. I sit out on the stairs infront of my home. I look up feeling very alone and just cry to myself.
I look up, and even though I'm in a city area, I can see many stars. There is a point that all you see is the universe nothing around you. No buildings or trees. It is just like a image right infront of your face. That you could honestly reach out with your hands to touch this "flat image" but you then feel so small as you look up into the dark night sky.
I spent over 3 hours just thinking. Worrying, imagining, and becoming more and more lost in my mind. There is a time and place to have such things and to be out with the stars is mine.

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Dec 6, 2012