Meteor Shower

I love star gazing. My favorite time would have to be during a meteor shower. You want to talk about wishing on a falling star, try wishing on thousands of falling stars. They happen every year, but the last time I had the chance to sit and watch one, I was 15 years old. It has been to long. Guess I'll check the calender and see when the next one is supposed to happen.

silvertears silvertears
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2007

They happen twice a year... Perseid in mid-August and Leonid mid-November... when my son and his cousins were young children we would get a big group together, bundle up with blankets and lie on the ground all night watching... it was such an amazing experience... I hope your wish to see them again comes true!

I have always wanted to see the northern lights. Maybe one of these days.

I love to watch the Nothern lights .