I have had many remarkable stargazing experiences while traveling and at home. For me the most meaningful experience happened during a trip to Tunisia in March 2004. I traveled with my cousin by 4x4 to a camp in the Sahara. That night, a group of nomadic Bedouins were playing music by a fire near the camp. After a while my cousin and I took a walk with 2 of the musicians away from the firelight and the stars were incredible. Our new friends told us the traditional Bedouin names of the visible constellations. It was moving for me because nomadic tribes have used those constellations to guide them as they travel for millennia. I don't know what Tunisia is like now, but before the revolution even poor nomadic tribespeople were educated so they could read and write in both French and Arabic. This enabled us to communicate easily and I will cherish the memory of that exchange for the rest of my life.
AllForTheLoveOfEntropy AllForTheLoveOfEntropy
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Aug 16, 2014