I dislike repeating stories but this one suits this experience amazingly well so I'm breaking my own rule. I guess rules are made to be broken...lol...here goes....

My family, and two others, went to a cottage this past week. We had a wonderful time, although by mid-week the weather became cool. I did, however, take advantage of a lovely night....our second one....when the kids were fast asleep and the adults passed out from a heavy night of drinking, I decided to go for a midnight swim under the Super Moon.
I had one of the best nature experiences of my life. There I was.... nude...floating ...on a quiet, warm lake....looking at the night sky..... full of stars and the beautiful moon....just me and a loon.
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I live in a rural location at over 2000 meters, in a very dry climate... the stars are glorious. I'm used to people from big cities, especially sea level, often humid areas coming to visit... and after dinner going outside to leave, looking up and gasping out "wwwha wha what iss is that!" as they stare at the milky way... the first few times, I thought they were kidding, then I realized... they really really never had seen it before!

We see it when we go a bit north to a cottage. It is quite beautiful....

Ever since moving into the city I miss seeing the stars every night...seeing them swimming nude in a warm, glass like lake would be even better.....so many senses being stimulated all at the same time...

...unlike anything I've ever experienced.... ;)

I never miss a chance to look at the sky when I go to my parents...the night is so dark and the air so clear where they live...it is like swimming in the milkyway.

It is truly breath-taking. My dream is to go North and see the Aurora Borealis. One of these days.... :)