Star Gazing

I love how timeless star gazing feels, it always makes me wonder how many people before me have sat at the same spot staring out at the endless expanse of universe, how many people are out there now wishing on shooting stars.

I live in a town centre so light pollution ruins it s bit but whenever i get the chance i love lying somewhere on a clear night watching stars. Four years ago i went backpacking in Brazil with a group of friends and my favourite memory of it was lying in a circle in our campsite half way up a mountain watching a sky of stars that i wasn't used to seeing, i was so happy that i could stare up at the southern cross. Even though stars are always there looking up at them like that makes you feel like your seeing something incredible. I'd love to go somewhere where i can watch the northern lights they always sound so dramatic.

The night sky is just so incomprehensibly big, it makes you feel  humble and insignificant but at the same time connected with everything in the universe. It's obviously beautiful but it scares me as well, just because it's so unknown and unexplored, i wish i was in a sci-fi novel so i could see new galaxy's and unseen stars.

fartogo fartogo
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2 Responses Apr 12, 2010

Very beautifully expressed. I agree. It's a great joy watching the night sky.

It seems so close yet so much out of reach. It looks like you could touch them but I wonder if we will ever get there.