Just A Little Attention

At work they all say he's a bit of a baby, always needing attention. Maybe, but so what.
He came to me asking for a band aid....seems his toe had a small blister. We talked a few minutes..mostly he talked and I listened...I checked out the blister...and gave him a band aide.
His attitude in general towards me changed from combative to helpful, even supportive.
A minor miracle..for .just a little attention.
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7 Responses Sep 5, 2011

So true Pedro! <br />
and I remember that almost a year ago...so lovely to "see" you here! xoxo


Hi Paco!:)

Yup....sure is TG. Thanks.:)

so simple, eh ;)

Hi NO and Literaturegirl...just a few minutes...that's all he needed.:)

Hi Wiseowl and Des! :)

'That's a wonderful post. I stopped and read it again..he wanted to feel human and valued just once. You're awesome.